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History of the sports tradition of the school - military police.

History of the sports tradition of the school - military police.

Field Marshal Thanom Kittikachorn as Minister of Defense. Ministry of Defence has signed a statement to 42/5604, dated 22 March 2504 in order to have a competition sport. The Military Police School as a part of that.
The Defense Department considers that in the play or competitive sports of all kinds, be it football or rugby football. Or any other sport. Held a series of tournaments to play, or on behalf of the unit if it is generally Play or a sporting event that will promote health and cause other side effects to the player or players, as well as those units with
Competition between schools, the military police held the first competition was the 2504 host. Royal Military Academy Cadet. The Naval Academy. Air Naval Academy. Police Cadet. And Cadet map Compete with other schools, shifting rotation to host the event once a year later, Cadet map the remaining four schools collapsed.
In the early years, only three types of competitive sports, rugby, soccer, basketball, football, and later added the ball over the net in badminton competition in the year 2507 till year 2508 2510 Naval Academy is offering a competitive shotgun and air rifle. It was held in 2516, the year that the Military Academy Cadet. Who hosted the competition Mak.
For sale. Competitive waste a lot of training. Decided to cancel and start a tennis tournament, in the year 2519, the Police Cadet Academy is the host. The six types of competitive football, basketball, rugby ball (sepak takraw), shooting and tennis in 2520, increasing the pool later in the year 2521 Naval Academy. Organising Committee to host an additional two types of water polo and volleyball. The competition was in the 9 categories, but very competitive category. That affect the education of students and consumes a lot of money. I vote for the 4 types of rugby, soccer, basketball and athletics from 2525 onwards.
In the year 2552, the Board of Directors for a school sports competition between the military police at the Naval Academy for 47 to host the Olympic Games are 4 types of rugby, soccer, basketball and athletics during the period July 3 to 17 November. . Founded in 2552 by the Air Force Gymnasium (State of New Jersey Thule art) is an open field - turn off the competition. And the Naval Academy Stadium as a venue for major

Thanks to information from the athletic program in 2009.

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