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Krabi Thai Navy cadet.

Knife, stick or Krabi cadet.

Stick with (Dirk) as a weapon for use with cadet uniforms. Similar to Krabi (Sword) as a weapon for the military uniform. Has been around since the era of sailing. When the waves and can not immediately reduce the crew to sail to carry identification with a knife in the draw to sail through the air. The ship is safe. So stick with the sailors. It is customary to carry out.

The irony of the uniform with cadet is due. Lord Admiral of Her Royal family. Luang Chumphon Khet Udom Sak. Father of Thai Navy. After his graduation from the Naval Research in England, then returned to their superiors at the Naval Academy and the education system so that the cadet with the knowledge to be compact. Harness with students of European countries are also expected to bring a model with irony. From England. The cadet with the country. Cadets are being used. The irony for the assembly. In the meantime since

With irony and Krabi in Thailand. By the end of the shaft is the elephant. I assumed that it was reluctantly. It's because of our flag. But at the same mark as the national flag of Thailand using the red cloth in the reign of a Tgrachnawi a church on the Red King 2 was added to a white elephant within the church, white and since then. Later, this flag will be changed by the order. The elephants are still used until today as the elephant-headed stick to stick the knife handle and Krabi. Or a national or brand as a mark of the king, it will inevitably become a cadet and officer. National memorial to the king of all time with the Town.

Stick with a weapon For use in conjunction with the costumes of the cadet for nearly a century (since the year 2448) and that is universal to both the historical reference.

The irony of the cadet had been "stored" in a different (not used), as well as some opportunities, but in the end. "The history of cadet weapons," this was a cadet uniforms, armed with all along. Stick with a good friend. None of the cadet in the Army in a foreign port and a military weapon, but one is a "cadet" to bring in a foreign land without causing a violation of law. It is a component of the uniform and universal.

Using a knife as a weapon of irony and Krabi, the cadet and the Thai Navy. The model came from. Navy overseas. The weapons have been historic. Town and stick a knife is a weapon that has come. In the same way. It is a weapon for Used in melee combat. I was sailing, which was the beginning of the set. The Navy is also the foundation of the naval battle. In the melee of the ship, then charge To secure the vessel to the enemy. We will win or lose together. Officer to act as a weapon and surrender, then they are given their locations. By the way, handle the winner E winner is the loser by restoring the honor of receiving locations. We expect that to continue.

Cadets (Cadet) and the Cadets (Midshipman), which in those days the children from 12 years to join the group with the carbon to the body is not strong and high enough to Krabi. So stick with a knife. Instead of those days when ships enter. Park in the port of landing at a military ceremony in various locations as a weapon, it is estimated the ship. Krabi is on the job. With the warrior to Krabi and then stick a knife as a weapon and a display. Dominance in society.

Journal of the anchor to the year 2544.

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