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Barbapapa การ์ตูนในดวงใจ

The debut Barbapapa book shows us where the legend began. Well, not really, but it's a great book anyway. Apparently, a Barba-embryo lay dormant underground until an unsuspecting gardener watered it, sparking the seed to grow rapidly into a full-grown pink blob, our friend, Barbapapa. We don't know what he is made of, how he got there, or how he can change shapes and sizes so very easily, but who cares?

Barbapapa faces a series of disappointments and rejections, but proves himself to
the townsfolk by rescuing people from a burning building and a ferocious tiger.

He becomes a local hero, thanks to his shape-shifting
skills, sips wine with his new friends, and finds a home.
( The house is not much larger than his own body, but
Barbapapa looks happy anyway. )

Barpapapa is only two days old, but manages to saves lives, and earn
celebrity status. Although our pink pal never speaks, we instantly fall for
his generosity, sensitivity, and cute smile.

Here is the star it’s Barbapapa.
He’ll introduce All of the other Barbapapas.

They’ve got a lot of wild disguises,
They can change their shapes and sizes,
Very easily….

Barbapapa’s pink,
he’s in the pink,
he’s pinker than
flamingo pink.

black as night,
when it gets dark,
she’s out of sight

Barbapapa and Barbamama

There is no problem that can’t be solved by this extraordinary couple ! Thanks to a few adequate shape changes and their brilliant imagination, they can bring to an end even the most difficult of problems, and always in the gentlest manner! They are forever willing to offer their friendship and services; and their good faith is beyond question! All this has not prevented them from become the attentive and tender parents of seven turbulent children

Barbazoo’s a yellow fellow

He is a specialist of the science of Nature! He knows all about the various animals and plants, the climate and the bad effects of pollution. In one word, he is a distinguished ecologist. Barbazoo is always ready to help. However his eagerness to protect nature can occasionally lead him to keep his brother Barbabright from trying dangerous experiments.

Barbalala’s very very green

Barbalala loves music. She is talented at playing many kinds of instruments. But she is also interested in Botany and ecology like her brother Barbazoo. Barbalala has a dreamy happy temperment. She almost never gets angry. She has a pacific, calming influence over her brothers and sisters.

Barbalib is orange like an orange
or a tangerine.

Barbalib is an intellectual. She is usually deep in her books and she knows the answer to many questions. She can easily take a superior air. Barbotine often disputes with Barbabravo about who is the leader or boss. She can have a difficult character. Her brothers and sisters have to be careful not to walk on her toes! But she has a good sense of humor!

Barbabeau is black and also furry, but
since he always plays around with paint,
he often looks a colour that he ain’t.

Barbabeau is hairy. Barbabeau is an artist. Still within the torments of his creativeness, he has not yet found his way through cubism, hyperrealism, surrealism, expressionism or conceptualism! He is very sensitive! He sometimes gets too quick-tempered with the ironic comments of his sister Barbalib!

Now Barbabelle is deep deep purple

Barbabelle is the most beautiful. (At least it is she who thinks that!) She likes jewelry, and perfumes. She is very afraid of little hairy creatures like caterpillars and spiders, and she faints when she sees one! Barbabeau finds her foolish fears irritating!

Barbabright’s true true blue.

Barbabright is a scientist. Neither chemistry, astrophysics, nor genetics are a secret to him! But sometimes his theories carry him too far and the consequences of his hazardous experiments can lead to catastrophic consequences! Happily, his brother Barbazoo, an ecologist, keeps close watch over his activities!

Barbabravo – he’s the one
Who’s redder than the setting sun

Barbabravo loves sports. He usually likes to be the leader! And he is overly fond of eating! With his tools of Sherlock Holms (the hat and the magnifying glass) and with the help of his faithful hound Lolita, he tries to act like a great detective. Barbabravo is sometimes too proud of himself; but he is a good fellow!

That I think is everybody done.
I wanna be like Barbapapa.
Oh yes i do, I wanna be a Barbapapa.
They’ve got a lot of wild disguises,
They can change their shapes and sizes,
Very easily…. Show me your magic Barbapa

The Garden of Barbapapa

The Fleas and Barbabeau

The Egg and Barbazoo

The Barbapapas' Boat

The Barbapapa Babysitters

The Barbababies' Balloon

Barbapapa's Trunk

Barbapapa's Christmas

Barbapapa's Band

Barbamama's Kitchen

Barbamama and the Calves

Barbabeau's New Hairstyle


"Barbapapa around the world", written by Annette Tison & Talus Taylor, Is a fun-filled collection
of 5-minute animated cartoons for preschool children. Barbapapa and his family return to TV for the first time in 25 years with 50 completely new and original episodes.Each episode travels to far-off lands where the Barbapapa family learns about plants, birds, reptiles or mammals in their natural Habitat. The Barbapapa family not only has fun playing with and imitating rare animals but it also helps the creatures when they fall into life-threatening situations. Join the Barbapapa Family as it travels to New Guinea, The Amazon, Patagonia and all over the world discovering the humor, danger and excitement of life.

For years Annette Tison & Talus Taylor set out in the world to study the real life of animals and plants in various habitats such as rainforest, the North Pole and deserts, where they made huge number of sketches of plants, animals and the surrounding nature. Their resulting Knowledge of ecology appears in each episode, mixed with a humor and excitement.

Annette Tison was born in Paris in 1942. She studied architecture.
Talus Taylor was born in San Francisco in 1933. He worked as a
biology/mathematics teacher.

The couple met at a Paris cafe and a writing relationship ensued,
from which Barbapapa was born. Soon after, they were married.

More Baba Papa Pictures

The origins of Barbapapa. Didn't you always wonder?

Barbapapa saves countless people from becoming the BBQ entree

The Barbakids turned into mushrooms. Maybe from doing mushrooms.

The Barbapapa family on a little family outing to a castle on the riviera.

Returning back from a Swiss Family Barbapapa adventure.

Barbapapa and Barbamama tenderly planting their children.

Gave birth to 7 technicolored children

Bye bye Barbapapa - a bird's eye view

Barbapapa coming home after a hard day of Barbaworking.

The shape of his body to his heart's

Barbapapa Home

In the Space

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