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Excentric Night Table Set

Here’s a bedroom idea we found to be quite extraordinary. Modern and stylish, this night table certainly brakes the patterns and brings something new to an unexplored territory. The general idea when it comes to a night table design is a small rectangular-shaped item with regular shelves which serves as storage space for magazines and other relatively small objects. In this case, its role is still the same, but the designers did a great job at spicing up its looks. Diagonal shelves and the twisted light line add glamor and a bit of bedroom eccentricity and not too mention functionality. Check out the pictures for further details and tell us what you think.

cool night table milan2 Excentric Night Table Set, Milan 2010

cool night table milan Excentric Night Table Set, Milan 2010

interesting night desk milan Excentric Night Table Set, Milan 2010

cool night table milan23 Excentric Night Table Set, Milan 2010

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