Jonathan Biss .. Wonderful Friday
4th April 08, performed at Major Luke Theater, Downtown, Santa Barbara.

It was the first week of Spring quarter, and I planned to do something special. My friend, a graduate student in theater major, asked me to go to piano concert with her. Her friend could buy a ticket for me. I said yes immediately without any concern about who the pianist was. Before the concert, we went to Thai restaurant, and had not only a tasteful meal, but enjoying conversation.

Walking from the restaurant to our destination was pretty far, and I was not familiar with this area of downtown SB at all. However, having arrived the concert, I discovered that Jonathan Biss was on the stage. I always wanted to see his performance, but never had a chance to do so until tonight. It had been twenty years that piano was not my favorite instrument. Because many families expect their children, mostly girls, to play the piano, it has become popular instruments among Thai people. Personally, I do not like to do things that people love to. I have neither passion in playing the piano, nor interest in the concert. But now, my perspective has been greatly changed, I start to appreciate it sounds.
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Professional musicians must have really good concentrations in what they are performing. When musicians and music become one, a result is productive and powerful performance. Tonight, on the stage was Jonathan and his music. Not far from him, there were about fourty people who were here to be observants, and I was one of them. I sat quietly, watched his hands' movements, and was moved by his songs.

I fall in love with Andante in Sonata No. 15 in D Major, Op. 28 "Pastoral." It begins with slow and soft tones, and ends with fast and hard ones. Many things in life have the same kind of beginning and ending. We always want a satisfied ending, but our wishes do not always come true.

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you are so lucky!
i've always wanted to go to a piano concert.
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pi beau!! : D
i had such a good time talking to you last night!

i hope u are you doing even better there na ka


ps i've been a piano concert only once and it was my friend's. he was giving a farewell concert before leaving for the states. actually the concert wasn't that long and i arrived pretty late. (-_-""") but it was such an inspiration for an uninspired like me to ever learn to play music instruments again.
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however much you claimed on last that you are stupid na ka pi beau, i dont think you are stupid at all. oh well at least i know that only wise men claim themselves as a fool...

stupid people don't deserve 600 Toefl and 3.08 GPA actually. to reach 600 Toefl is hard already and to maintain 3.08 GPA is even harder.. my problem is i'm not that smart.. hahha

okay!! i kno i'm gone thinking too far ahead laew.. well i think if not bored, you will get used to with my hyperactivity and long comments pretty soon! paranoid isn't it?
haha : )

but,i'll say so to you one thing, everything shares the same ending, though, not so satisfied. i could say say the falling leaves always return to its root : D
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เป็นไงบ้าง? ไม่ได้คุยกันนานเลย สบายดีเน้อ?
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^^" น้องบิวเข้ามหาลัยแระนะ หุหุ^^
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ขอบคุณที่ไปเยี่ยมเยียนที่บล็อก และกำลังใจ ...ยิ่งถ้าได้กำลังจัยจากปู้ชายนี่ มันกระชุ่มกระชายจิ้งงงงงงง
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