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Hello.. Sawasdee
Finally, I get used to with the weather in Thailand. If I got back here on Summer, I would have been
sweat all day long. Let's talk about this movie which is the first one that I saw in Thailand this year.
Before going to the theater, I saw a short news about it on TV. Having no idea what movie was about,
I had no expectation. My friend asked me to see it with her and I could give a feedback to the producer.
After spending almost two hours, the producer (Nisa Kongsri) came to see us (20-25 students who were also
asked to see this movie). Actually, it was not a real talk since I did not speak anything out
(I was so tired and not in the mood of talking). However, her words helped me understand this movie more and knew its message better.
- - - - -

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Our Southern Home is a documentary film produced by Nisa Kongsri and Areeya Chumsai. Its theme,"Namjai" (spirit),
can be seen in almost every scene. The story of Namjai is told by four different people--Muhammad , Aoi and her son Beer,
Goy, and Pairote. All of them are representatives of each class of people. Muhammad is a fisherman in Ranong province.
If you have to name jobs that most individuals do in Southern part of Thailand, fisherman will be on top of your lists.
Since Muhammad is poor (his son has to stop studying in order to help him work),
he is a representative of poor class. Although poverty makes his life more laborious, it cannot affect his good heart.
He lives his life peacefully and nurture his children to treat everyone well, no matter how good or bad they are treated.
This character is also interesting since he is a Muslim. Thais tend to be afraid of Muslims more and more
because of all frightening news that we read everyday. The way Muhammad spends his life has already proved that
our thoughts and judgment, sometimes, are prejudiced. Is it fair to dislike others only because we have different beliefs?
You do not have to speak it out, just answer it to yourself.

The next people are Aoi and Beer. Aoi lost her husband--a police who was shot by a criminal in Puttani. She has to take care
her son, Beer, by herself. Aoi is a nurse, she is a representative of middle class who work for Thai government.
Unlike Muhammad, her wound (husband's death) is continuously healed by Buddhist meditation. She always teaches Beer
to appreciate the scholarship given by Haddthip corporation (Cocacola big retailer in Songkla province).
He often goes home late because he does many special activities, such as doing volunteer camp. Losing his father,
these activities become his main interest. However, both Aoi and Beer knows that one part of their lives is missing;
and their scar of loss will never be completely healed by any medicine, even time.

Goy is an owner of Kulakusai restaurant in Krabi province, thus he is a representative of small business owner.
Due to critical situations in Southern part, his business is not profitable like it used to be.
On the weekend, his restaurant is visited by a few of tourist groups but it is empty most of the time.
However, his business is still well-organized and his employees are treated like they are his own family.

Pairote is a manager of Haadthip corporation; he is a representative of rich people and big business owners.
His business is very profitable, but money is not only his achievement.
When Sunami destroyed Southern part, he gave a hand and did his best to relieve people's pain and loss.
In his opinion, rich people's lives will not be worthy if they are not spent to help others in society.

Muhammad, Aoi and Beer, Goy, and Pairote are from different walks of life.
But they have one thing in common, their Namjai. No matter who you are, you can share it one way or another.

If you are poor, think of Muhammad who is a virtuous and respectable model for his children.
If you are a middle class, think of Aoi and Beer who devote themselves for society.
If you are a small business owner, think of Goy who always treats his employees with respect
and welcome his customers warmly with sincere.
If you are a big business owner, think of Pairote who never ignore others in society when they are in trouble.

If all terrible news about serious situations in Southern part make you feel desperately, this movie gives you a hope.
But if you lose hope, do not lose your Namjai. For it is only one thing that can help our home, our society,
and our lives strong and survive no matter what kind of situations we have to face with.

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