Miró Quartet .. Great songs in cold night
Hi !! Everybody. How has your day been so far?
Hope you have a good time. It has been long time that I was away from writing a new blog.
Having hard time in school, it is pretty hard to be in the mood of writing.
Anyway, I just finished my paper and writing homework.
Therefore, I relaxed myself by going to Miró Quartet concert.
- - - - -

As you know, I have been studied at UCSB for six months.
But this is the first time that I had a chance to go to classical concert.
In the first part, songs were played by Miró Quartet, Kirsten Monke (viola), and Jill Felber (flute).
In my opinion, "Allegro," composed by Bernhard Romberg, is one of the most charming songs.
Hearing wonderful sound of flute, I felt like there were hundreds of birds flying in the hall.
The way that five musicians interacted with each other was awesome.
I also appreciated "A Way a Lone," the last song of the first part.
It was composed by Toru Takemitsu. John Largess (viola) introduced that this song
was inspired by Jame Joyce's first novel, "Finnegans Wake."
"A Way a Lone" is the last line of this novel.
The song represents seas, rivers, and oceans as metaphors of our subconsciousness and unconsciousness.
Overwhelming feeling took over my mind, while I listened to this song.

In the second part, Robert Koenig (piano) joined the band.
Although I do not like this instrument much, I felt that it greatly made songs more fascinating.
The soft sound of piano slowed down the strong rhythms of other instruments.
I thought of human breathings, sometimes we breathe slowly,
sometimes our breath is like beatings of rolling drums.

After the concert ended, I walked home alone. The weather in the night is always cold, and I often feel lonely.
But I did not feel that tonight. At least, I have a friend, myself, which is with me until I lose my breath.

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