Nina Ananiashvili & the State Ballet of Georgia .. Perfect Performance
Finally, I finished my final exam. I did not too bad. American Lit is the subject that I am worried about
since I did pretty bad in mid-term (C+). Although I got A- for both papers, I am not sure about the grade.
A funny thing was I choose to write an essay about 'sex & gender.' If you know me for a while, you will know
that this is not me at all. Because other two topics were too hard to write, I had no choice. hahaha.

Well, I supposed to review this performance one month ago. This is the first time that I saw ballet performance.
As you know, shopping never get money from my pocket. But I am willing to pay for arts--concerts and performances.
Tickets in Thailand are too expensive for students. I paid $23 for this show, and it made that night unforgettable.
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It was a coincidence to see this ballet show. At first, I wanted to buy Rubberbandance Show, but tickets
were all sold-out. So, I bought this ticket instead. It was performed on Feb 19 at Arlington Theatre.
I went there alone (again). Although I sat very behind the stage and did not see everything perfectly,
I greatly appreciated the show. Giselle story, the tragedy of disappointment of love, is trembling.
Although I already read synopsis, my tears dropped when Giselle died. Love is heart-ache, as we know.
I still wonder why we long for it, I do not know.

The peformance was unbelievable; and it was not because I had never seen it.
Forty-year-old Nina Ananiashvili is still professional in her dance. (I wonder how woman can keep
herself in shape like that, now I am only twenty and get fatter.) Moreover, I loved her hands.
They helped her express an expression of grief when she lost love. Her bodily movement was incredible.
I did know anything about ballet, but I know it is hard to spin yourself continuously almost ten times.
No other words could describe this show except this word, perfect.

I still have almost three months left. I will appreciate every moment as much as I can.
Wherever you live, I hope you will enjoy your life too.

P.S. Happy Birthday, I know everything ended. I was neither the first, nor the last, but I just want to greet you.

P.S. As long as we are still born, leaving is impermanent.

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