Neill's Birthday Party @ Gymboree
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As promised, Papa, here are the pictures you've been asking for!! The ones with the date at a corner were taken by one of the parents at the party.

Date: Tuesday ,August 30th, 2005
Time: 4.00 - 6.30 pm
Venue: Gymboree (Pinklao Branch)

The play room was decorated very nicely with banners, balloons, ribbons, and paper animals at the walls, showing "safari" theme of the party.

Neill wore his favorite Nemo shirt. I actually chose one cute shirt and a matching pair of pants for him to wear to this special party, but he strongly refused. He just wouldn't leave the house without his Nemo.

Here's Prim, the girl Neill shared the birthday party with. Her birthday was around mid August while Neill's is on the 16th of September, so we settled on a day in between.

Prim with her mother, Khun Cherry (clapping.) I think the girl didn't have enough sleep before coming to the party, so she wasn't in a very good mood...

... A total opposite to Neill, who just couldn't stop laughing and running around with the instructors and friends.

All the Gymboree staff were also dressed up as jungle animals, except one as Gymbo, the Gymboree's mascot.

There were 10 other children at the party, apart from the birthday kids, and countless parents (and grandparents.) You can figure out for yourself how hectic it would be.

Yes, it's almost unbelievable that something so hectic could be so much fun.

Neill enjoyed himself very much and in this picture was a rare chance that he finally stopped running and stayed close to me.

Gymboree manager gave Neill a nice present.

We also have small thank-you gifts for all the guests, provided by Gymboree.

Neill's birthday cake. Notice the "Happy B. Day"? When I ordered the cake, I told the shop assistant that I wanted them to write "Happy Birthday to Neill" on it. I was too busy emphasizing to the girl that there must be 2 L's in Neill's name, that I didn't bother to think something could go wrong with the Happy Birthday part.

When I went to pick up the cake just before the party, I saw that the cake read, "Happ. to Neill" instead. It turned out that the stupid girl shortened the words on the order form to save her time, and ended up wasting everyone else's.

They had to erase the scribble, smooth the surface, measure the space, and mix the color, before they could decide that there wouldn't be enough space to write the whole words and came to ask me what to do. By that time I was so ready to kill someone over the cake, but decided against it because the party was about to start in 2 seconds. Hence the Happy B. Day!

Finally, it's time to sing Happy Birthday together. I don't know where Neill learned the song from but he sang "Happa ba ba da you, Happa ba ba da you.." with just the right pitch and great confident. He loved his train cake so much.

The staff played a trick on him with a magic candle that just wouldn't go out. He had fun blowing it time and time again.

All the children and parents. It took us almost a full quarter of an hour to get everyone to stay put for a picture. And one picture it was. The children ran off in every direction a second after the first click of the cameras.

After the group photograph, we went to the art room where they set tables with all the food. Everything was delicious, especially the cakes. The corn chips & tuna dip that I made was also a success, with quite a few of the mothers asking for the recipe. I sat down to eat with Neill and someone took a picture without our knowing it.

Well, that's it. We finally left Gymboree at half past six, after thanking all the staff profusely for all that they'd done to make this such a great party.

We loved it very much!!

Too bad you couldn't be there with us. Maybe next year?

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happy birthday to my favourite nephew. i wish i could have been there with you guys. next time then, i promise. so happy to see Neill enjoying himself with everyone though.
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Happy Birthday duay na ka. I'm P'Pui's friend in Philly and she sent me this link. Nong Neil is adorable ka. Wish him happy and healthy na ka.
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Happy Birthday to Neill...from Uncle A krub.

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เย้...ได้ฤกษ์มาเยี่ยมบ้านน้องนีลแย้ว....ภาษาปะกิตมะค่อยแข็งแรง...แต่ก็อ่านรู้เรื่องนะ...ป้อมเขียนเก่งจังจ้า...ดี ๆ จาได้ฟื้นฟูสมองหน่อย อิอิ..เดี๋ยวมันจะฝ่อซะหมด...Birthday ปีหน้าเจอกันอีกนะ..อิอิ...(ขอร้องแกมบังคับ 555)
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