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มิถุนายน 2549
6 มิถุนายน 2549
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Living is the hard thing to do
Somehow, Living in my world is harder

No ways to turn to when I get lonely
No ones beside me when Im cold
No words to console me

My heart is grievous
My soul is torn apart
My feeling is hurt
My hope is gone

Sometimes,I see a hope's shining in the front
A minute later I realize it is just a trap
When I get closed enough, it's gonna burn me alive

I want only a person who will stay by my side when I need someone
I want someone who gives hopes when I am discouraged
I need someone who I can share my feelings
I need someone who holds my hands tells me "it's ok" when I've made a mistake
I hope to have someone who uderstands me when I am weak

Everyday before I walk through the door
I have to smile and pretend to be a happy person
I am hidding my weakness, my pains, my tears from other people
It is too embarrassing to show those things to anyone
Every time I have misery, I leave it with myself

I'm just a man
Who has tears
Who has pains
Who has sorrow
Who has loneliness
Who has weakness inside
Who needs someone to set him free

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อย่าท้อน๊า ..


โดย: ทิ .. (Ka - Ti ) วันที่: 7 มิถุนายน 2549 เวลา:9:12:37 น.  

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