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Cook with your hands, cook with your sweetheart's brain

Khao Pad from Switzerland. Er.... made from Thailand... eerr... actually from Switzerland but created from Thailand... errrr not exactly.
Ok, sorry. Let me explain you:

I have the chance that my T'Ruk (ma chérie) is a brilliant cooker!

As I'm just a beginner and as I needed to bring some aroi food to a meeting, she offered me to help. (Yes, you see? That's one of the reasons I love her so much!)
But as we were located in different kitchens, she used my hands to perform her ideas. AND IT WORKED PERFECTLY! (She's incredibly amazing! A Princess!)

That was a khao pad with:
-Carots (Cut in littles cubes)
-Nam Prig Pao
-Dried Shrimps
-Oyster Sauce
-Thai Rice (already steamed and cool)
-Eggs (Please, don't do like me and add them in the pan AFTER you add the rice.)

1.) First, heat some oil (around 3 table spoons)
2.) Then, add the garlic and when it hoam, add the onions until they hoam as much as the garlics.
3.) Then, add the dried shrimps and rise up the stove setting to high heat. (In the meantime, put the carots in some water and heat them up in the microwave, high heat, three minutes. It will makes them softer, it's really better.)
4.) (I don't want you to do that, but that's what I did:) Tell the owner of this website how much you love her. Because she's amazing. (And so beautiful!!!)
5.) Mix the rice with nam prig pao. Some water can help to do that.
6.) Add the rice in the pan and mix it with the onions, garlic and dried shrimps that you were cooking.
7.) Add three full eggs and stear stear stear. In my opinion, it will make everything merge together better.
8.) Add the carots. Stear stear stear.
9.) Add one big stable spoon of oyster sauce.
10.) Stear stear stear.

It's finished! Probably one of the best dishes my T'Ruk succeeded to make me make with my own hands. Thank you T'Ruk, I love you!

Here is the result (with some hong kong noodles and swiss porc):

And here is a couple of pictures about other Khao Pad that I made with my T'Ruk. (We added some sea food and I swear it's absolutetly exquisite!)
I'm very proud of us! :)


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