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มีนาคม 2559
17 มีนาคม 2559
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A Story of a star and a black cat

A story of a star and a black cat

The vast night sky,

A moonless night,

There is a shining star,

Glittering so bright

Shining light from a far

Cannot heat up the body with its might

Looking up to the sky, watching the little star,

Warmed up many hearts with twinkling light

A little starving black cat

Never cared for the sky, dark or bright

Caring only for its daily life

Too lonely, too busy, to lift its chin upright

One day, a little black cat

So tired, lays down to rest

Looking up towards the moonless sky

There is a star, standing out from the dark

The sky is dark and vast

Yet, this starlight is so gentle,

The lonely black cat thought

Even it is really bright

A little black cat,

Continues watching the sky

Following the glittering star

So long it has been shining

From now on,

A little black cat

Laying down underneath vast black sky

Admiring the starlight

Like a shadow,

A little black cat tries to capture starlight

In a bottle of memories

Filling with every shards of light

Watching the starlight

A little black cat

Learned the fact

The truth of star

Not only so bright,

A shadow hides,

When there is light,

It is also dark,

All have their own pasts

Life is not smooth,

Even for a sparkling star,

Cannot shine without the dark

A little black cat still follows the starlight

Laying down under the sky,

Absorbing every single rays

With admiration

A little black cat

Trying to do everything

For the star to keep on shining

So little, so much.

Sometimes a star shines too bright

On the vast night sky

Everyone looked up,

Amazed by the starlight

Starlight is too bright

Even the shadow is lost

The star is confused,

Trying it find it’s true self

A little black cat

Still laying beneath the sky

Watching the star

Believing the star is always a star

No matter where the star is,

No matter what the star goes through,

No matter what is underneath the warm gentle light,

The little black cat believes with all its heart

Not only has the little black cat admired that starlight,

But also, the shadows, the darkness,

And the real surface of the star,

Discovered or not

A star shining from a far

Might not know of this little black cat

Under the sky, making a wish

For a star to keep on shining

A little black cat prays

The journey of a star

To be full of happiness

And never be afraid

From a corner of the vast sky

A little black cat wrote

A message from the heart

To the star, received or not,

This little black cat

Will always look upright

Following the star path,

Collecting the shadows and light

Never giving up

Following every movements,

Cheering, admiring, supporting

This star will continue shining

Far, far away,

With tiny little paws,

Scribbles a story,

Of a black cat and a star.


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