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สิงหาคม 2548
24 สิงหาคม 2548
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We were busy everyday
with so much to do.
Now I just want one more minute
to talk with you.

I know that’s not possible
because you are gone.
Inside me your memories
are keeping me strong.

I never learned how to
say goodbye or even farewell.
I just wanted to keep life
happy and swell.

I know you would say
that life just goes on.
But it’s not easy when you've lost
that special bond.

No more phone calls, no road trips,
no dancing and fun.
Those were the things that
I depended on.

Even though we were not
always together each day.
We shared our love in a very
special way.

We could sit quietly and
not even a say a word.
Then look at each other and know
both of us heard.

I know it takes time to
let our hearts heal.
But without you I am not
sure how to feel.

I know I miss you today and
wish you were here.
But I can only pray and
shed a tear.

You always had the wisdom
to tell me what I needed to know.
You always had an answer and a
direction to go.

We saw the little miracles together
that not everyone could see.
I saw the love in your eyes
when you looked at me.

I know we had to say goodbye
in our own way.
Words cannot express what you
gave to me everyday.

I am grateful that I was able
to be with you till the end.
I am so blessed that we became
best friends.

I wake up and say a
prayer with you everyday.
God gives me peace and comfort
as he shows me the way.

You will be in my heart in
case I need you my friend.
May God bless and keep you until
we see each other again.

Now, I know it’s time that
I have to set you free.
But I just wanted one more minute
for you and me.


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