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Lubeck- World Cultural Heritage

Lubeck is unique and wonderful. This is why UNESCO declared the existing cityscape to be a World Cultural Heritage Site in 1987.

Lubeck canal

Hanseatic of Lubeck

Lubeck grew powerful and prosperous as the centre of medieval city state, which dominate trading in the North and Baltic Seas. At this time, Lubeck was Germany's second largest city trailing on Cologne.

Now they called The Town Hall

St. Petri is the oldest parish church in Hamburg, Germany. It is named after the Christian Apostle

Walked up to the top of St. Petri, then take a look of these beautiful view of Lubeck.

It suffered deep wounds as a result of the Second World War. How ever, the proverbial Hanseatic communtiy awareness enabled the reconstruction of the famous seven golden towers, numerous townhouses, alleyways, courtyards and monasteries. (Castle Monastery)

Me and Devil

Train Station

Time to go to Miriam & Helmut's wedding.

At the City Hall

Very sorry !! run out of battery and I don't have an adaptor. Hans UVE help me looking in every store but the answer was NO!! Margit told me to wait until we get to Zalbach ,I might lucky oh..God help me please.

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Congratulations to the newly wed couple. These sceneries look more like you really are in Europe, which is beautiful and old just like the person who took these pics.....oops I didn't mean "old" but look pretty and peaceful (the pictures, ha.....ha....ha...)

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