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กันยายน 2551
26 กันยายน 2551
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Neumuenster-Gertrud & Hans UVE 's Family

Home sweet home

fresh up with Scotch Water

Where is Nitti Margit??? (this is Hans UVE Gertrud's husband and he is such a nice person)

I'm right here!! may I have another drink please!!!

Neumuenster is one of four independent towns in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany (City hall Neumuenster)

Let's go shopping

Are they from New York??? ha ha ha

Wonderful sister!! (which one ha ha ha just kidding))

Lovely, kindness and a lot of self-confidence ofcause I 'm talking about Gertrud not me.

Kiel City is the state capitol of Schleswig-Holstein and some 250,000 people live here whereas may travelers visit Kiel on their way to Scandinavia.

North & East Canal

The old light house


coffee and cake yes!! very good idea

dinner time

We are going to Lubeck tomorrow with Hans UVE

See you tomorrow Lubeck

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Good views, good people you have met and good food I bet. This version looks more like our New York City but cleaner and more beautiful. I begin to envy you more every minute.

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