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Bad Kissigen Town

Bad Kissingen is a district in Bavaria, Germany. It is bounded by the district Main-Kinzig and Fulda in Hesse, and the districts of Rhon-Grabfeld, Schweinfurt and Main-Spessart.

Views of Bad Kissingen Town.

The fortress Botenlauben stands on a hill south of the city center. It was originally built in the 12th century and was destroyed in 1525 during the Farmer's War, and never rebuilt, This is a good views of Bad Kissingen and the Rhoen.

This is a Protestant church. There are a few in Bavaria.

Bad Kissingen is not known for being an old city and only became famous in the 19th century, It is still a famous and a pleasure to walk.

Bad Kissingen is a pleasant little city, filled with shops and cafes.


Let's go Karl-Heinz Margit & Nitti are waiting


Please take me home

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Once again the lovely views of Europe, I like the theatre building, This version reminds me of the sceneries in the St. Augustine in Florida, which we went there once when you came down to visit me in FL, but of course, in Europe might be original and more beautiful.

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