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สิงหาคม 2550
15 สิงหาคม 2550
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Boring Paris

What a boring day!!! nothing to do jing jing loey...only 24 hrs rest is not enouogh for going, i stuck myself in the, sleep, eat, sleep...

this flt i have another 2 Thai crew, P' Bee and P' Nimai. They both are nice la. We speak Thai throughout the flt as if we are TG crew 5555 happy Thai mafia

the flt was not full and all crew are nice...what a nice flt!!!

We stay in the new hotel, just opposite the old one. No breakfast but we have crew lounge specailly for EY crew... I waste my time here almost 2 hrs waiting for Ball but he's not there...waiting for 2 powerpuff girls..where have you guys been?

Don't wanna check my's haunting me for a whole month....for sure, it will come with blinking red change

wait...let me check it dee gwa... damn ...You have changes to your schedule for which you have not yet been advised...scary roster..i'm so sick of charity flt....

hohoho it's just SBY next week la...ok ok, i forgive you, OCC

can't wait for my 2 days off

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me too...

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