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Insider Exposure! Reasons Behind Rain's Concert Cancellations

From MBC's "PD Handbook"
18 July 07, Mydaily News | Sohu Entertainment News
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop

LA was planned to be the final stop for Rain's Concert World Tour, which included 12 countries and 35 concerts. The conclusion of this stop can be said to be the key in determining how this entire concert tour has fared. However, the LA concert, scheduled on 30th June, was suddenly cancelled just one and a half hour from from commencement of the concert. Not only were many fans disappointed, Rain's World Concert Tour also came to a shameful end.

What exactly are the reasons behind all these trouble that Rain's World Concert Tour has encountered? This question has been one that many are concerned with. <> of MBC TV station did a series of investigative behind-the-scene interviews, and brought these to light.

According to <>, Rain's LA concert had several uncertainties right at the beginning during the preparation stage. One of which is the legal entanglements with the use of the name "Rain". This casted a shadown on the future of the US concert tour, and under such a circumstance, the continuation of preparing for the LA concert became a time bomb waiting to implode.

<> pointed out that the greatest failure in Rain's Concert World Tour was the complicated monetary relationships, causing the entire concert plan to become big and clumsy. According to usual procedures, Star M, the Korean entertainment company in charge of Rain's World Tour should liaise and sign contracts directly with individual concert producers in each city. However, Star M re-sold the concert rights to a newly established Korean company, called Revolution. Revolution was only interested in reaping a big profit from this concert, and did not concern itself with taking a more profound understanding of the concert stage and props to be installed. Star M, which had entrusted the entire concert affair to Revolution did not know anything during the process of concert preparation. They only received notification from Revolution right before the cancellation of the concert.

According to sources, the Canada concert producer, who got to know about the cancellation one week in advance of the concert date, also signed their contract with Revolution, not Star M. Revolution gave the reason that a critical portion of Rain's concert backdrop, "the extended stage", could not be installed in the stadium, and cancelled the concert that was to be held in Canada, Toronto. Thereafter, the local concert producer in Canada took Revolution to court for the irresponsible act of signing the contract without first ensuring that the critical prop could be installed in the stadium. They are also suing Star M, which had signed the agreement to be liable for all issues that may arise for the concert, but later evaded their responsibilities when problems occurred.

The Hawaii concert producer also got their cancellation notification from Revolution only days before the concert date. They were told that the LED screen that was to be used in the concert could not be installed. The Hawaii concert producer was extremely angry and said, "Rain's US Concert Tour is a scam right from the start." They are taking Star M, Rain's ex-agency, JYPE, and Rain to court.

The reason for the sudden cancellation of the LA concert was similar. According to a stage prop installation crew member who was there that day, they were only told that the LED screen from Korea was not examined by the US safety board. Thereafter, the local concert producer had a emergency meeting, and after the lengthy meeting, StarM finally decided to cancel the concert. Hence, it can be concluded that the ultimate reason for LA concert cancellation was a lack of preparation to hold a concert in US, which has rigorous safety rules.

Fans of Rain are ultimately, the biggest victim in this incident caused by the local concert producer's half-hearted working attitude. Although on the day of the concert, Rain had cried and asked to perform onstage, even if he could only sing one song, there was nothing he could do in that situation. A Japanese fan who started queuing at 6am that day recalled the situation, "Everybody started waiting outside the stadium from that morning. When we suddenly heard that the concert was cancelled, I couldn't even move. Then we all hugged each other and started crying." With regard to the news that Rain will be holding his concerts in Spetember and October, this fan said she's anticipating the concerts but at the same time, emphasized that the same incident of last-minute cancellation cannot happen again.

On the day <> was broadcasted, audiences showed supported for the neutral and fair stand taken by the programme. They also rebuked the Korean organising company for disregarding the artiste and fans in their pursuit of profit. Fans of Rain have expressed their continued support for their idol.

taken from soompi
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Star M apologised to Rain in their press conference today.

Preparation for Rain's World Tour to Commence Again Next Month?
18 July 07
Credit: ouxiangrain@baidu
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop

Star M started taking responsibility for everything with regards to Rain's World Concert Tour beginning 13th October. Rain's concerts in Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam and Australia etc were all handled by this company. However, Rain's concerts in Canada, China, Hawaii and LA etc were cancelled due to all kinds of reasons. In that way, Rain's first World Concert Tour came to a dishonourable ending amidst controversy and quarrels.

Lee In Gwang, representative of Star M expressed this during the press conference, "As the organiser, we have a duty to see that the activities develop smoothly from start to end. However, we did not fulfil this duty. The World Concert Tour was unable to come to a beautiful conclusion, and we feel deeply responsible for this."

Following this, Lee also said, "Due to this incident, Rain was rebuked by many. Because of us, a respected artiste was inflicted with unnecessary hurt. As the concert organiser, we feel morally responsible for this." At the press conference, the representative of the Canada tour producer had a heated debate with the Star M representative, Lee.

Yesterday, "PD Handbook" of MBC TV station pointed out that the concert failure was due to Star M's mismanagement. With reference to this, Lee In Gwang did not make an official response, but remained that the Hawaii concert was forced to cancel because of the lawsuit regarding the use of the name "Rain".

Following that, Lee apologised to Rain, "Rain, who was only notified at 4pm that day, came to the stadium and kept telling us he hopes to be able to go on with the performance. At that time, he was already in tears. We didn't know how to explain the entire issue to him. When he realised there was no way the concert could go on, he cried and apologised to the 100 odd crew members there. The situation was hard to bear." In May this year, Lee had expressed his wish to sign a contract with Rain while they were in Japan. "With things like that, I think signing him up would be difficult to realise now."

Lee continued, "We will begin to hold press conferences on Rain's World Concert Tour again next month. Regardless of whether this concert is held in a foreign country or in Korea, we will do our best to do a good job organising the concert."

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Lee apologised to Rain, "Rain, who was only notified at 4pm that day, came to the stadium and kept telling us he hopes to be able to go on with the performance. At that time, he was already in tears. We didn't know how to explain the entire issue to him. When he realised there was no way the concert could go on, he cried and apologised to the 100 odd crew members there. The situation was hard to bear."
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07.07.18 People sigh over Rain's setback

It wasn't that easy for Rain (Jung Jihoon) to expand his career in foreign markets, now people sigh over his sad experience.

The overseas development plan for Jung Jihoon (RAIN) wasn't that smooth, his concert was cancelled. After the broadcasting of , people immeditely expressed their sympathy in the internet.

MBC program on July 17 analysed the factors behind the cancellation of Rain USA concerts. In which, the equipment setup and performance copyright were highlighted.

When the program just ended, comments were posted in internet, "Well Korean pop culture is just recognised by the world but there's no proper system to backup this. It's pity. We should take this as a chance to learn from it, to have a clear understanding about performance culture and entertainment industry."

Meanwhile, there were encouragement to Jung Jihoon: don't feel discouraged because of these setbacks he experienced in overseas, whereas he should calm down and prepare himself for future.

An audience said, "There's no supporting system for international artist, thus the name and passion of artists are not cherished, it's very pity in fact. I hope Jung Jihoon can calm down and get ready, and avoid such mistakes again in his work in the future."

Another audience also mentioned, "Jung Jihoon is also a victim. After this incident, he will learn lots of things. I hope he can be more careful and move forward step-by-step, to become a shining international star again."

On the other hand, StarM, the main organiser of Rain's world tour will express their position officially through the press release on July 18.

Source: chn.chosun
Translation by jjbug@rain-malaysia
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[Translated]15.07.07 - China Times article (chinese)

Macau clouds continue to show their support for rain through the newspapers!

Although Macau is a tiny place, this article likewise is situated in a tiny corner of the newspaper. Although it's not an advertisement, we hope to let the people who adore Rain and for those who will grow to like him, know the extent of love that clouds from all of the over world have for Rain. How supportive the clouds are, how proud they are of Rain. Clouds and Rain are inseparable. Be it whether only one person notices this article, there's still a chance to add on another cloud. Fighting Macau clouds!

Rain is deeply loved by his fans

Rain's US concert was cancelled at the last minute. Rain let down his tears after realizing that he has deeply disappointed his fans. At this moment, he really needs understanding and support from his fans. Therefore, "clouds" from all over the world embarked on a series of activities which include world chain messages, global Rain activities, leaving daily messages, leaving daily encouragement. Fans from Hong Kong put up a full page advertisement to support Rain and Macau "clouds" also did a number of activities for Rain. The whole world of clouds will try every means to do whatever they can for Rain.

There are many people who know that Rain's fans are known as "cloud". It's hard to imagine that this heavenly king of superstar could touch the whole world of fans to put their heart and actions together, all for Rain to cheer him up and support him. Hopefully, this cohesive strength of the "clouds" could dilute the negative rumours that surround "Rain" and enable him to courageously face new challenges again. In fact, Rain has never ceased to work. From the spirit of his endless efforts, it will be a flash before

source: China Times
credits: rainhk
posted by angelordevil@soompi
translated by: Fantasy@cloudaustralia
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07.07.18 Be with Rain in commercial film!

Imagine yourself show up in a commercial film (CF) with "RAIN"?

Now there's a model competition held by Lotte Duty Free shop, in which the winner has the chance to work together with Rain in Lotte CF~~

So together with Rain, you are welcome to be one of the CF models for Lotte Duty Free shop~!

Well you may ask "To film a CF with RAIN??"
Although that's a rare chance, everyone stands an opportunity to be the model.

From July 13 to August 9, Lotte will pick out the model from the customers who buy things from Lotte Duty Free shop.

Please take your photo at the camera setup prepared in Lotte Duty Free shop (MyongDong and Jamsil), and you can participate in this competition through Lotte webpage.

Around 5 models will be chosen and they have the chance to film Lotte CF with Rain in this September. Lotte will provide 3D2N hotel accomodation for these models.

Want to create an unforgettable experience in your life? Please feel free to join this competition~

Even overseas participants can apply through:

Source: Korea Lotte Duty Free Shop
Chi translation by Rain_No1@Baidu RAIN bar
Edit & Eng translation by jjbug@rain-malaysia
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