Rain Paralyzes Hong Kong Airport
07.04.07 [TheDailySun]

*Deb's note: Apparently Rain was transitting in HK on 3rd July on his way to Berlin. Not sure how true this is, but the source of this was from HK press.*

Yesterday (3rd July) Rain was seen at Hong Kong Airport while on route to film his movie in Germany. Airport officials sealed up part of the terminal for him to pass through, thus causing public chaos and the quick spread of news to newspapers and media. Record company manager Chen Jia Ying (translation of pinyin) confirmed that Rain stopped through Hong Kong to head to Germany for "Speed Racer".

Meanwhile, one of his Hollywood male co-stars in "Speed Racer" is going through a case from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) for the mishandling of an animal--a monkey playing the role of 'Chim Chim' was maltreated, and the monkey had also bitten the young actor. PETA issued an order to the production company to stop the usage of a real monkey for the filming and replacing it with animation instead. The movie company Warner Brothers replied, saying that their personnel will make a further decision once all aspects of this issue (performance of a real monkey) is carefully weighed.

Credit: karman1668@rainhk
Chi to Eng Translation: dsl99a@rain-usa

Amazon.com's Great Review on "Rain's World"

*Deb's Note: "Rain's World" album received a good review on Amazon.com by one of their Top 1000 Reviewer."

cr: Aaliyah8@rainsingapore
this is posted by Kabir Davis:

"Rain, also called "Bi" in native Korea, is a 25 year old supermodel who became an R&B singer. Now, South Korea has of late been a hot spot for some of the most fantastic music (even better than most US R&B/Hip-hop releases), and this particular album is noted as genre-making.

In case you have heard about Rain through Time Magazine (he was voted No.1 of the most influential people in the world in 2007), but don't know of his music, heres a lowdown - he sounds like Maxwell + Justin Timberlake + Robin Thicke all filtered through the production of Timbaland. In fact, his music exactly sounds like that. In this particular case, it's a great thing, because this CD features beats and rhythms not heard since 1996 when Timbaland collaborated with Aaliyah on her "One in a Million" CD. Its just that rock solid.

The prime standouts here are the opening interlude (a symphony even!) and the lead single "I'm Coming". Other than the sexual innuendo (which Rain exploits to full extent on his histrionic stage shows - even if you don't speak Korean you should watch those), the song is a perfect amalgamation of tight beats with some gorgeous melody, complete with a singalong chorus sung by some `fierce' girls. All in all, the effect is stunning.

Lets be honest - not many of us speak Korean. I most certainly don't, but I am open to the notion of world music artists. That said, I would rate this album higher than Justin Timberlake's latest, only because Rain seems totally involved in the intricate art of music production, and the entire running time of this marvelous CD proves that. Not one track is filler, and when I start preferring a foreign language album to one in my own native tongue, its time to sit up and take notice.

Also, I am not much of an experimental listener these days. Most of the music I listen to is of the Tori Amos/Nine Inch Nails variety. And to add to that, I'm pretty picky. So for me to not only notice this album, but to endorse it by writing a review on it is something indeed. I would say, despite the sticker price, go ahead and get this. Its so much more listenable than whats clogging the airwaves. If you want a CD that you'll listen to all the way through and tap your feet and remember the choruses at the end of it, you can't do better than this.

Also, if this CD sparks your interest in Rain (As it did for me), you might want to check out a TV Show from Korea called "Full House" which marked his debut as an actor (though I think it lists him by his real name - Jeong Hi Joon). Rain is also called "Bi" in many forms of multimedia, so when you're doing a search for him, make sure to include these terms. Also check out his third album - I did, and it rocks!

What I like about Rain at the end of it, is that even though he is exceptionally beautiful and physically blessed (he's the face of Giordano), he doesn't stick with his looks but goes ahead and makes some amazing music..."(cut of unrelated stuff)

Source: //www.amazon.com/Rains-World-Rain/dp/B000K2RD62/ref=pd_bbs_1/105-6990323-5866835?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1183641432&sr=8-1
credit: nglkt@SexyBi/ dsl99a@rain-usa

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*This is a small part of the entire news coverage, just emphasizing the part with Rain's interview over the phone.*

Rain, who did not want to come out of the room, was speechless. (Part where they showed footage of the front door of his hotel room) Afterwards he said over the telephone, " I wanted to demonstrate to everyone the most attractive and best side of myself, wanted to move everyone emotionally, but I couldn't even perform, very heart-broken..."

The second phone conversation: "This time the cancellation of the concert has nothing to do with me, I'm so heart-broken. Next time I will certainly give everyone a very good performance".

Many overseas fans came laboriously only to find out that the concert cancelled suddenly, all feeling very sad. A Japanese fan even said that if Rain stood in front of us it does not matter what he says as long as he says something. (This is probably the part where they interviewed the crying Japanese lady--so sad!!)

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07.06.07 01:07 am (Time in Asia) Brief News of Rain

On July 7th Rain will start getting some training, in the meantime before then he is going through practice for pronounciation. He is currently not filming; just preparing for the shooting but hasn't quite begun yet. He should be settled down by now, getting himself famliarized with the crew and the environment.

Besides practice for prononciation, he will also have to get some training in race car driving. Probably need to have scenes in 2 cities, also heard that he might have to go to the US again for his attire (for the movie).

PS: Rain's mood is also not too bad, knows that the Clouds are helping him through their support for him. He's presently at dinner.

Source: Linda @ Baidu Rainbar (administrator of Rainbar)
Chi to Eng Translation & edited: dsl99a@rain-usa
credit: sexi-bi
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07.06.07 [TheBeijingNews] Yu Nan Joins Asian Race Car Family With Rain

(Reporter Xie Honggan) The gathering of Matthew Fox, Christina Ritchie, Yu Nan (Chinese actress), RAIN, Zhen Tian Guang (don't know who this is, just doing direct translation of pinyin) and other multi-level international movie stars for Hollywood's "Speed Racer" has begun recently in Berlin. In this film, Yu Nan together with Rain and Zhen Tian Guang compose an Asian race car family.

In order to foster the feelings of being a family, the 3 of them often take time out to have mutual exchanges with one another. "We like discussing the script and some common interests together". Yu Nan indicated that when the 3 of them are together, they generally exchange conversations in English, but Zhen Tian Guang, who knows how to speak Chinese likes to be as Rain's Chinese teacher.

Source: //ent.thebeijingnews.com/0607/2007/07-06/021@000359.htm
Credit: nicolech76@rainhk//sexi-bi
Chi to Eng Translation: dsl99a@rain-usa
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hola raim tqm, nose como comunicarme contigo pero este es mi msm yehimy_tuangle@hotmail.com jij porfa alguien me podria ayuda rpa sabes un msm de rain jje porfa
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hola raim tqm, nose como comunicarme contigo pero este es mi msm yehimy_tuangle@hotmail.com jij porfa alguien me podria ayuda rpa sabes un msm de rain jje porfa
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yehimy_tuangel@hotmail.com jej este es si
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