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Add an elegant touch to your bathroom with a Kraus ceramic washbasin. Ceramic sink boasts a smooth, shiny white exterior and interior Bathroom sink will enhance any home improvement remodel.

: Island (susujapee ) ѹ: 8 Ҥ 2557 :15:56:31 .

Sleek, tankless, low profile elongated one piece toilet with integrated Washlet. Low consumption (6 Lpf/1.6 Gpf) Cyclone flushing action. SanaGloss glazing. 12-Inch rough-in. Like a cyclone in nature, the Double Cyclone flushing system harnesses the power of water and gravity to create a more powerful 1.28 GPF that maximizes cleaning action.

: Island (susujapee ) ѹ: 8 Ҥ 2557 :15:56:45 .

Upgrading your bathroom is easy with our 11 ½" Oil Rubbed Bronze Lavatory Bathroom Faucet. The lavatory style and stunning finish makes this design both functional and a classy addition to any home. Whether your decorating style is traditional or modern, our products will compliment your home improvement project and add a lavish, luxurious feel while protecting your health, safety and the environment.

: PJT (susujapee ) ѹ: 8 Ҥ 2557 :15:57:17 .

Its sleek and minimalist are just two reasons the ribbon-inspired Vero is the perfect urban oasis. Getting ready in the morning is far from routine when you are surrounded by a bath that reflects your personal style.

: PJT (susujapee ) ѹ: 8 Ҥ 2557 :15:57:25 .

Kraus Colander is an ideal addition to your kitchen sink Colander features T-304 stainless steel construction. Scratch-resistant commercial-grade premium satin finish. Colander slides along countertop and supported by protective cushions.

: PJT (susujapee ) ѹ: 8 Ҥ 2557 :15:57:49 .

Steamist 3199 Series Steamhead Note:New Steamhead Comes with the TC-125 and TC-150 Controls or can be Purchased Separately Sporting a New Low-Profile Look, Our New Steamhead Delivers 360 Degree Steam Dispersion

: PJT (susujapee ) ѹ: 8 Ҥ 2557 :15:58:06 .

The AQ 4105 Pure Shower System w/Massager wand feels just like showering in natural spring water! Installs in seconds! [Easy Install Video] Enjoy the convenience of an adjustable hand-held shower head with the same filtration capabilities of the standard Aquasana Shower Filter

: PJT (susujapee ) ѹ: 8 Ҥ 2557 :15:58:26 .

The deluxe steel drop arm bedside commode by Drive Medical is designed to meet your needs. The frame can be configured to be used as a bedside commode, toilet safety frame, elevated toilet seat or over your existing toilet.

: PJT (susujapee ) ѹ: 8 Ҥ 2557 :15:58:44 .

Moen 3867 Hand Held, W/ Slide Bar Ch Chrome chrome finish to create a bright, highly reflective, cool grey metallic look four-function full spray; invigorating spray; massaging rinse; combination handshower 69" hose length vacuum breaker 30" slide bar included drop ell required for installation. sold separately model (a725) limited lifetime warranty

: PJT (susujapee ) ѹ: 8 Ҥ 2557 :15:59:04 .

TOTO High profile two-piece toilet. High efficiency (1.28Gpf/4.8Lpf) Double Cyclone flushing action. Tank cover, fittings, polished chrome trip lever included. With unrivaled vision and innovation expertise, TOTO leads and never follows in designing, engineering, refining and delivering innovative technology that enhances your daily life. TOTO's innovations translate into the best performance and ecology in the plumbing world.

: PJT (susujapee ) ѹ: 8 Ҥ 2557 :15:59:14 .
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