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Sa waddee Ka(Hi ! in Thai) SmileyMy name is Ao Benton pronounced like O? Im Thai. I was a Thai cooking instructor in Chiang Mai , Thailand for 5 years. SmileyNow I live in Mt. Pleasant ,SC. I married with Sullivans Island guy SmileyTodd Benton. Now I live with my kind parents in-law and I will stay here for a while to do my Thai cooking lesson ( What I did for living in Thailand) and Thai meal for a party. I love to cook. I cook almost everyday here for my husbands family because I love them and they love me too. I dont cook in special American holidays such as Thanks giving, X-mas, New year maybe Easter too?!?
Usually I cook special Thai meals which I cant find in a fine Thai restaurant here. I like spicy and aromatic food but not just only hot and burn . There are many people who think Thai food is always hot. That is not really true, it depends on the person and how they order and another reason is Thais dont eat just chilies with rice . We have varieties of herbs and spices to give aroma to our dishes.
My cooking, I prefer to use a lot of herbs and spices rather than use a lot of chillies to burn someone mouth with mashed Thai chili. .If you prefer really hot you can too. Some Americans eat so hot ! Hotter than native Thais included my husband too. I told him slow it down my sweetheart you will get addicted to chili Who know my warning did not work!!! I just let him. . . . .burn~~n~n .
In Thai we have a saying Aloy Park Lum Bak Tood
Which means Enjoy eating , suffering at the end or Pain in the ass What you say? That is doesnt mean it has never happened with myself.
It is normal that different people love to eat different flavors even in my family. My father, he loves spicy- sweet but he doesnt like sour. My mother loves hot ,sour , bitter, but doesnt like sweet. My younger brother loves spicy, sweet, sour, salty, but doesnt like bitter. I like spicy, salty, sour, most but some time can be sweet or bitter if its healthy.
That means there are many options for you to try even you are not a big fan of hot food . Smiley

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Thank you and welcome all new friends

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Yin dee Took took kol na ka !
Welcom everyone! see u later

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