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Thai cooking class, May 21

I had he great time with my people .The location was on Deewees Island, Charleston, SC. Me and Joy left home at 7.15 PM and got the boat landing at 7.45 am , met Judy and Sonya there. The ferry left at 8.00 am and got the Island at 8.20 AM. I was rain .People came for the class at 10.00 PM. We had 4 dishes for lunch.
Fresh springroll, Pad Thai, Tom Yum Soup, and sweet stickyrice for dessert. We had healthy and tasty meal. So I hope they will cook at home.

Everyone had the geat time !Thank you guys for joining my class. Thank for lets me cook at the house and recomendation.Thank for photos and all of helping.


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Thai Cooking Lesson

Thai Cooking classes

Hello , My name is O. I recently came here from my home Thailand. Here in the US, everyone seems to love in Thai food, but doesnt really know How to cook real, authentic Thai-food . I would like to help you cook wonderful Thai meals at home that you can really do in your own kitchen.

For 5 years I was a Thai culinary instructor in the city of Chiang Mai.I taught people from all over the world how to cook Thai food .It doesnt matter who they are. They can be a chef or can be even a person who doesnt know how to cook well, but they love Thai food. Everyone can learn because Thai food is so easy to cook. When they were in my class we had a lot of fun and enjoyed ourselves. After my class they cook for their friends and family. Everyone enjoyed the incredible Thai meal even though the cook was not Thai. When my students are happy Im happy too That is my mission

Now I am bringing my craft to Charleston. I offer in home hands-on instruction in the art of preparing Thai food, and I available to teach my classes in kitchens of interested individuals. Depending on the items the student selects, the class costs between 30 - 50 $ per/person including recipe book and Thai sweet tea or Herbal drinks. classes are about 3-5 Hrs. long , depending on the size of the kitchen.






Stir- fried

Noodles & Rice


The cooking classes is available for anyone who has kitchen in Mt. Pleasant or near by.

Contact your Thai cooking instructor by E-mail : spicy99chilly@hotmail.com By Smiley 843-2162921

The school address : your or your friend's kitchenSmiley

Hope to see you in my classes  soon .....bye bye Please call me or e-mail me for more informations


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