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Now i'm in Butte fall, Oregon

Hi guys now I'm in Butt Falls, Oregon. My husband works with Forest service here . We going to Thailand after the fire season done , October 5th we will fly from Sanfransisco. Now I'm a full time housewife while my husband at works . But the main work is cook for him. I don't make much money but I don't spend much money either!. I bake and make everything from bad equipment . I have knifes , cutting board , pots , pans no food processor. Now I'm practice my Italian cooking. I made homemade bread, stuff pasta sauce,and everything from scratch. They came up really good , fresh and delicious. Also i have my little garden here too i'll show you soon. My job is cook good meal for my husband . He works so hard and makes money. He should have a good meal like a treat when he back home. I'll post my food photos later . I don't really like to use someone's computer especially government computer.I better to go  Love you guys!!! Buy!


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Crater Lake

Hi ! I know I dont up date this blog at all . I have been too many places. Now I'm with my husband he works with forest service ( wild fire fighter) we live in Butte Falls , Oregon . Nice and cool. We had a chance to travel every weekend .

June 19 to 21 we went to Crater Lake , 30 miles away from our place,is a deepest lake in America and hight elavotion. We've done hiking there and camping and cooking near by there because The lake area is was cold still got deep snow coved all over the place
I got some photos but I'll show you later, but i have a photo from a website to show you .Click the photos you will see more information

Crater Lake


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