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Thai dinner Party

Thai dinner party. Have fresh & healthy Thai food in your own kitchen

Thai dinner party. Why not feed your guest exquisite flavors of the Orient ? Design your own menu from our selections .

Party for 7 to 20 people.Free! Thai sweet tea or herbal drink ( sweet lemongrass or ginger tea ) Available for lunch schedule as well.

Please make a reservation at least 7 days. $25 per person. More informations 216 2921 and e-mail me : spicy99chilly@hotmail.com

Menu for your Thai party dinner. Please choose 4 items for dinner or 3 items for lunch from our menu . Ex. 1 appetizer, 1soup/salad ,1 entrée( curries , stir-fried, rice or noodle , and 1 dessert ( 4 items )Smiley

~ Deep-fried spring roll (Poh Pia Tod)
Tofu, mushroom, carrot, glass-noodle garlic, pepper, sugar, soy sauce, chives serve with sweet chili sauce
~ Fresh spring rolls (Poh Pia Sod)
Shrimp ,fresh lettuce, basil ,mint noodle, fish sauce, and lime juice served with sweet chili sauce
~ Deep fried pork bread (Kha nom pang naa moo)
Bread topped with minced pork,garlic, pepper, cilantro, serve with spicy cucumber and roasted peanut sauce
~ Stuffed Crispy wonton (Giew Tod)
Deep-fried wonton stuffed with minced garlic pepper and pork served with sweet chill sauce
~ Deep fried fish cake (Tod Maan)
Minced fish meat with Thai curry paste , sliced crunchy bean ,Kaffir lime leaves , basil serve with spicy cucumber and peanut sauce
~Deep fried hard boiled egg (Kai look kuey)
Golden brown boiled-egg split in half topped with tamarind sauce ,crispy shallot and chily flaks
~Chicken Satay ( Gai Sa Tay)
Chicken on stick marinated with coconut milk and curry powder. Serves with 2 sauces sweet peanut sauce & cucumber sauce

~Spicy Thai sour soup ( Tom yam Kung )
Spicy & Aromatic Shrimp broth flavored with lemongrass, Kaffir lime leaves, Galangal root, shallot, garlic ,mushroom and tomato topped with cilantro and spring onion and lime juice
~Spicy coconut milk soup with Chicken (Tom Khaa Gai )
Spicy & Creamy coconut soup flavored with lemongrass, Kaffir lime leaves, Galangal root, shallot, garlic ,mushroom, and tomato topped with cilantro and spring onion and lime juice
~Clear soup with glass noodle with vegetables (Tom Jued woon sen)
Meat balls seasoning with 3 Thai spices with glass noodle, Napal cabbage, carrot
~ Stuffed cucumber soup (Tom Jued Tang Kwa yadd sai)
Minced meat or tofu and mushrooms with 3Thai spices in cucumber in vegetable soup topped with spring onion , celery
~ Stuffed cabbage soup (Ga lam pree yad sai)
Minced meat or tofu and mushroom wrapped tight with Napal cabbage and spring onion

All kinds of our salad will be aromatic ,spicy, sour and salty with Thai-chilly, garlic, shallot, mint ,spring onion ,cilantro, and celery seasoning with fish sauce and lime juice .
~ Spicy Glass noodle salad( Yum woon sen) crystal clear noodle, tomato, mushroom, shallot, garlic, spring onion , cilantro
~Spicy Minced meat salad ( Laab)
Minced meat with the spices and sliced lemon grass flavored with roasted rice and chilly powder
~Spicy Grilled beef salad (Yam neua )
Sliced grilled beef with spices, lemonglass, fresh chilly, cucumber and celery
~Spicy Papaya salad ( Som tam)
Shredded papaya ,garlic, tomato, green bean , fish sauce , lime juice palm sugar serve with fresh cabbage( no cilantro, spring onion, cilantro or celery)

~ Green curry ( Gang Keaw Waan)
Bell pepper, eggplant, carrot garnished with Kaffir lime leaves , sweet basil on top
~ Red curry ( Gang pet)
Eggplant, carrot garnished with kaffir lime leaves and sweet basil on top
~ Red curry with pumpkin ( Gang pet Fak tong)
Bite size chunks of pumpkins in red curry
~Paneang curry ( Gang Paneang)
Thick curry , mixed vegetables garnished with shredded kaffir lime leaves and basil
~ Yellow curry ( Gang Ga Ree)
Thick yellow curry with Potatoes, carrots, onion
~ Massaman curry (Gang Massaman)
Sweet & sour curry, potatoes, onion ,roasted peanut
~Curry cake ( Hor Mok Pla)
Baked fish with red curry paste, coconut milk, cabbage, and topped with coconut topping, basil, shredded kaffir lime and red pepper

~ Holly basil( Pad Kraprow)
Minced meat or tofu with Thai basil sauce (little spicy)
~ Sweet basil ( Pad Horapa)
Asian sweet basil with eggplant and soybean paste
~ Red Curry paste( Pad Prik King)
Sugar snap-pea or green bean with red curry paste spice up with shredded kaffir lime leaves ( Spicy + Sweet)
~ Chicken & Cashew nut ( Pad Med Ma Muang)
Chicken with onion, and bell pepper with roasted Thai chili paste topped with roasted cashew nut ( sweet- sour,salty,spicy but not hot)
~ Sweet& sour vegetables (Pad Preaw Waan)
Pineapple, cucumber, carrot, mushroom, tomato, , bell pepper, onion, celery with home made sweet & sour sauce
~ Mixed vegetables (Pad Paak Ruam )
Meat or Tofu , carrot, mushroom broccoli, tomato with soy sauce

~ Thai stir fried noodle(Pad Thai)
Stir-fried noodle with meat tofu ,bean sprout chive seasoning, with home made Pad Thai sauce
~ Brown Thick noodle (Pad see u)
Stir fried thick noodle with molasses, garlic,and vegetables
~ Thick noodle with gravy (Raad Naa)
Stir-fried thick noodle with garlic, pepper and top with meat , say bean paste and vegetables gravy
~ Lanna spicy noodle soup (Kao Soi)
Egg-noodle in yellow curry, topped with crispy noodle
~ Golden fried rice with shrimp
Shrimp , garlic, curry powder, diced green bean topped with spring onion serve with sliced cumber
~ Pork or chicken fried rice
Garlic, onion, tomato, broccoli topped with spring onion , cilantro
serve with sliced cumber

* All curries and stir-fried served with Jasminrice

~ Sweet sticky rice with Mango( Kao Neaw Ma Muang)
~ Rice marbles in coconut milk ( Bua Loy)
~ Pumpkin custard ( Sang ka yaa Fak Tong)
~ Crispy ruby in coconut milk ( Taab Tim Krob)
~ Pumpkin in coconut milk ( Gang Buad Fak Tong)
~ Banana in coconut milk ( Guay Buad Chee)

Please mention any food allergies !


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