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3 weeks later on May 21

Three week later. I put them in the real garden . They grow so fast and happier.

Back of the house and the area around the house. But just small space for grow the vegies!!!!

Now let's see them all!


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The begining of the garden

I love to do garden to I whish I can use them for my cooking. This is my first home garden in The united state .I got area to do it, but now I dont think so. Becasue I have to much plants sprouting up, all of them so healthy!!!
I will not use chemical for them. I do compost for them.It will be ready for use in next 4 weeks.In Thailand my mama's home garden so beautiful and she doesn't use chemical at all( have to spend more money and get sick). Actually Thai we very carefull about it. We live with nature and we respect them .Home garden in Thailand is Natural Oganic ! No Panic!!!

 front of the house


back of the house


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