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Steamed Fish curry in cake cup Smiley

SmileyStory of my popular dishSmiley

Actually! This Thai dish is steamed fish with red curry paste in banana leaf cup.

When I came to United States I really missed my Thai cooking ! I really love this dish from my mother but she loves to make it from scratch She gets the coconut from the tree to get coconut milk. Makes her own curry paste, catches and cleans then prepares the fish by her-self and cuts the banana leaves to make a banana cup!!! Finally put them in a huge , 15 Wide 12 Height steamer. Ooooh much of work!

That was long processed but they came up really good and really impressed people who have eaten her cooking! ( dont mind to do that in Thailand too)

How about me? , here I cant get the big steamer(expensive) and I dont want frozen banana leaves ( the shape can change when you bake in the oven) for my delicious dish.

Then I just adapted my way to cook .The way was changed and I incorporated the American muffin pan. Ooops sorry mama I told Smileyher . My mother said It doesnt matter how are they look as long as it test good Im happy.

So, I created these recipes for myself and my husbands family. It succeeded from the first time I tried. They really enjoyed the fish cakes . And later on I did it again for their friends parties ( Thai dinner party)and they talk a lots about me and my fish cake.

OK now Ill let you guys go ahead and cook em

Baked Fish with Red Curry Paste( Hoh Mok Pla)

FOR 24 cups muffin pan

Ingredients Smiley

Fish mix : 2 pounds Sliced fish , 5 Eggs, 5 Shredded Kaffir lime leaves , 1 Tb. Sugar, 1 pound Sliced Cabbage,10 Tbs.Fish sauce, 1 small bunch Basil leaves 10 Tbs. Red curry paste( Mea sri brand), 1 can Coconut milk

Coconut topping : ¼ cup Corn starch + ¼ cup water ½ can Coconut milk + 1 cup water+ 1 tsp salt,5 Shredded Kaffir lime leaves, Shredded Red pepper, Cilantro or Basil leaves

Direction Smiley

Smileypreheat the oven 375 F

SmileyPut Eggs ,Red curry paste, Coconut milk,Fish sauce, Sugar, Shredded Kaffir lime leaves

In a bowl and mix well and put meat at last

SmileyPut Sliced Cabbage + Basil leaves in bottom of muffin pan

SmileyDrop the fish mix in, then cover with aluminum foil

SmileyBake 375F for 15 -20 minutes

SmileyMake coconut topping

Put coconut ,water, salt ,and corn starch, cook and keep simmering at low temperature

SmileyDrop coconut topping on baked fish cake and garnish the cake with shredded kaffir lime

leaves , red pepper and basil or cilantro leaves

SmileyEat em up with jasmine rice Smiley



SmileyThis is a one of my fusion dish.Italian egg noodle with Thai style grilled pork and spicy limy sauceSmiley.

SmileySo quick and deliciousSmiley


Pork + choped garlic, pepper ,cilantro and,dark soy suace

Pasta (any kind you like)

Topping Sauce= chopped garlic+Thai chillies+lime + fis sauce

Lets see how to cook 'em ?

Me & my husband SmileySmiley love to cook and joy together and this menu is ready in 15 mins.!!!! Let enjoy this love recipeSmiley

Let s enjoy !!

Smiley I hope you guys will enjoy with it ! Smiley

Today I have a easy Asian menu for you guys. Talk about Asian then talk about rice.

Let go for that Rice menu

Kao Pad Koong Pong Ka Ree in Thai or Shrimp fried rice with curry powder in Eng

Please, heat up the work and oil in.

Look at That!!!!
This me u i cook for my sweet heart and he really enjojed with it .
you can see How he like this menu !


And After !!!!!!!!
My lovely husband he ate all most every thing except plate & folk+spoon .
.Seem he turn to be Asian, couse he loves rice.

Let's cook for the one who you loveBye Bye See you next time

Lanna saucesage& Stickyrice burger

How to cook sticky rice( Glutinous rice)
Soaked the rice in water atlease 5 Hrs.Can be overnight
1.Drain water off from soaked rice
2.Put water in steamer . Let it boiling
3. Put rice in steamer with good lid
4.Let the rice cook for 15-20 mins.
5. Keep tuning the cooked sticky rice be for you keep them in a contrainer ( reduce the steam )

Ingredient for Lanna saucesage

Paste Making
- Grid dried red chilies and salt in mortar till turn to be powder
- Put Lemongrass, garlic, turmeric and pound them all
- Put shallot in and the mortar
- Mix the paste and sliced Kaffir lime leaves in minced meat and leave them for 1 Hrs.

The way to cook the sauce I do many way .I fried them for the burger. I cooked them for pasta meat ball in the another night. That is so delicious! Many spices in one bite. It so flaverfull with the aromatic spices. Welcome to Northern Thailand with Lanna saucesage.

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