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รีวิวป้าวุ้นเส้น ดึงหน้าด้วยไหมละลาย Silhouette Lift ( ซิลลูเอท )

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รีวิว ดึงหน้าด้วยไหมละลาย Silhouette Facelift flilf ป้าวุ้นเส้น
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Silhouette Facelift - facelift without scars

We continually strive to innovate and provide a wide variety of facial rejuvenation procedures at // for Aesthetic Surgery. TheSilhouette Lift ® offers facial rejuvenation of the early, mild to moderate facial aging changes (sagging of cheeks and jowls) commonly seen in women and men in their forties and older. Unlike any other thread lifts, the revolutionary Silhouette Lift does not use any permanent, barbed sutures! Instead, several bio-absorbable cones strung on a suture engage the subcutaneous (under the skin ) tissue layer and allow for lifting and suspension of tissues. These sutures are secured to a deeper layer in the temple region hidden by hair. This revolutionary face lift procedure can be performed under local anesthesia in about one hour and unlike the Lifestyle Lift ® it does not leave any visible scars.
Lifting of mid-cheek tissues and other areas such as the eyebrows without any visible scars is now possible!

is the first facial plastic surgeon in the entire Northwest to offer this minimally invasive procedure to those patients who, for various reasons, are not ready for more conventional, open procedures, also see Cheek and Facelifts. The Silhouette Lift allows patients with mild to moderate changes a simpler alternative to more conventional procedures.

The minimally-invasive, FDA-approved Silhouette Lift technique uses biocompatible, absorbable cones that cause less trauma and avoid the complications that were seen with older barbed suture thread lifts. Within six months the cones will have fully absorbed, and only the strands of highly bio-compatible polypropylene sutures that have been used safely for decades in other fields of surgery remain in the tissues. Silhouette Lift has been FDA approved in the United States since 2006 and has been further modified more recently. No wonder the Silhouette Lift procedure has been successfully performed on thousands of patients in 57 countries.
Silhouette Lift Results

Most patients see immediate and noticeable results from the Silhouette Lift. Typically, patients resume normal activities within two to three days following the non-surgical facelift and have fully recovered in two weeks.

Because of the unique Silhouette sutures, the Silhouette Lift procedure results are long lasting. However, since we cannot stop the aging process, patients may need to maintain the lifting effect. In a relatively quick and simple procedure, the Silhouette sutures can be retightened if needed. Youthful appearance may also be maintained with other procedures such Botox and dermal fillers, skin care products and fractionated laser skin resurfacing.


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