This blog is for you kha...P'Neng

First of all, so sorry everyone.
I was so busy last weeks.

Hopefully I would be more free later on.

I will go to everyone's houses after
I finish updating this blog.

Thank you so much for
everyone's encouragements.

Love everyone.


I told P'Aek that I will update
this blog as soon as I can.

I should do it since couple days ago,
but I don't really have times at all
...sorry again.

By the way P'Neng this blog is for you and Sunny...

I had a chance to go to N'Grace's BD party.

The most impressive thing for me was
P'Neng(N'Grace's mom) was cooking
almost every dishes in this party.

I heard from P'Penny that it took
you about a week for preparing everything.


Being a mother...for me means dedicating
one's life for another...

P' has shown me

how much you love N'Grace and

how happy you were while you were

taking care of everything in N'Grace's BD party.

I don't even know if I could do at least
fifty percents of what you have done for N'Grace.

You are one of the best mom
I ever know in my life.
(I told P'May...PodJaMarn Rai before)

Talking about N'Grace...

umm I believe everyone who comes
to my blog before would see her before
from my previous blog.

N'Grace just turned one year old...

You guys...don't look at your monitor like that.

She just turned one year old. hu hu

She's so cute and so soft.

Unlike N'Hannah, N'Grace is
an active little baby.

She was always walking and moving around.

In my opinion, she would be a fun lady
when she grow up.

Cutie kha...Happy Birthday to you.

P'Ann love you and also love the way you are.

Be good and see you this coming Sunday.

P.S. now I believe falling in love with little kids is the most easiest thing on earth.

Hello...My name is N'Grace.

I'm really active...Can you tell?

I just turned one year old.

There were a lot of people in my BD party.


Ma Hom Kao Tum Mai Ta Ang...Kern jung kha.

Vince...So cool...we're just one week apart.

P'Ann told N'Grace that P'Ann Jong So Cool
Wai Hai Look Sao Kong P'Ann Laew hu.

P'Kyle...N'Kyle could speak Thai,
but have English accent cute!!!


Nu' Ang kha...Kern' Kern jung kha.

Pee...Pee kha

K'Mae Neng cooked a lot for everyone.

Let me show you some of the food.

My mommy.

Last Picture...Daddy and me. (^-^)


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Hannah-My #8 miracle things on Earth.

As I mentioned on last three days ago.
I went to one of the cutie's BD party.

Her name is N'Hannah.
My friend told me that she got her name
from the combination of both her parents' name.

How cute.

She just turned 2 years old,
but as you guys could see
she looks more mature than her ages.

At first met I thought
she's already 4 years old.

Sorry Cutie...
P'Ann didn't mean to make fun of you.

I love the way she is though.
Her parents teach her very well.

She has really nice behaviors.

I think it'll be really easy
to fall in love with her
and I already did.

Happy Birthday to you N'Hannah.
Be good and see you soon.

Love you :)

Love you:)

And this is N'Vince (one of my favorite)


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Wedding Party

I went to my boss's cousin wedding party 3 days ago.

I love the feeling of this party.

I could feel the love is all around.

At the party there were some people came up to me

and asked me about my tattoo.

I don't know why people always feel kind of surprise

when they saw my tattoo.

I guess I don't have to explain much since

every pictures tell stories.

P.S. Unbelievable I was pretty famous at the party.

There were some guys dragging me around with them.

I would feel happier if those guys...

...are older than 12 years old.

I'm always popular among kids

under age of 12 years old.

I don't know if I should feel happy.


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I had a chance to go to Beach since 4 days ago.

Just wanna share some of the pictures.

Have a very nice day na ka every one.

P.S. Thank you so much for your encouragement.


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I was debating...should I write it or shouldn't I.

and I ended up...

In my life except my family,
there are only couple people
who really love, care, and understand...about me

You are one of them.

You know it's really hard for me to open myself to someone
but I opened to you.

Have I ever told you how happy I was when you were around?
I don't think I have.
[Thank you I knew everything from Mary(the big mouth) already]

You know I love to keep everything inside.
I never really open myself even that day.

Today, since I don't know when we will meet again.
I just want to say

"Thank you for what you have done for me.
It means a lot to me.
Nobody else treated me the way you did."

Do you remember when you said that
you were influenced by me?

I was so happy to hear that, but I never tell you that
you're brighten up my life... my whole life
I still remembered you told me
if I have a new love
I shouldn't tell that person about you.

I asked you "why not?"
since you was the best memory I had here.

Today I didn't have those feeling toward you anymore.
I'm really strong now. Please don't worry about me.

I just heard some story about my friend's friend and
I just suddenly felt so good that I used to love
someone like you.

Even though we may never see each other anymore
in our whole life. I just want to let you know that

You will be my best friend forever.
I'll keep you inside with me until...I don't know actually.

Thank you again for everything.

P.S. Do you remember when you were asking me
why did I decide to come here?

I answered you so many things
except I didn't tell you
if I wasn't here how could I know a guy like you.


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