Happy Birthday To Cutie Grace


Thank you so much for visiting my blog.

PS, I am very busy with my last class right now.

I do not think I can visit anyone until next week.

K' ท้องฟ้าเสียงเพลงทะเล ka, I promise that

I will post the tag for u next time.


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hOw arE YoU?

Ann: YooHoo...How are u doing over there?

Jeff: ...

Ann: Is it hot over there?

Jeff: ...

Ann: Miss u

Ann: Knock Knock

Mary: ...

Ann: Are u there?

Mary: ...

Ann: Thanks for everything...

Mary: ...

Ann: I will never ever forget both of u.

Mary & Jeff: ...

Ann: Miss u...


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Orange County Fair II


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Orange County Fair I

I had a chance to go to Orange County Fair since 5-6 months ago,

but I don't have any chance to post all of the pictures yet.

Since I have more times right now.

I think I should post them before they're too old...

out of date...expired...hahahah

Since there are bunches of pictures from this trip.

I will split them into 3 parts.

Wish everyone would has fun.

I arrived at the Fair around 6pm.

There were a lot of rides and games at the Fair.

Me and my friend bought some snacks.

My friend bought a banana dipped with chocolate and nuts.

For me, the banana wasn't taste so bad at all.

Close up version.

This is the last picture from the first part.

Hope everyone enjoys my trip with me.

Thank you so much for visiting.

P.S. I will go to everyone's houses when I have more times.

I will be a little bit busy in this couple days.

I may not be able to respond to the comments yet.

Love my visitors.


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Happy Birthday To Mary...Friend forever

Aug 22, 2007...6:15 PM

Bellflower, CA

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

...Happy Birthday....

...Happy Birthday....

Happy Birthday...Dear Mary

Wish you all the best...My friend...forever.

Talking about you...will take me forever...

because we had been through so many things together.

How long have we know each other?

I still remembered the first day we met.

You seemed so friendly and talkative

...while I was so quiet and shy.

Can't believe we would become friends...close friends.

Thank you so much for be there for me...

At the time that I needed someone

to hold on to the most.

Thank you so much for being such

a really lovely friend...to me

To me...you are more than words...

Love you just the way you are.

Even though we are so busy

and never really hang out that much anymore.

I just want to let you know that

To me...our friendship will last forever...

Never less...Never end.

Love you so much...Pretty

From...Your crying baby...tomato


Every one...

I would be away to take care of myself

...my feeling

Sorry that I disappeared for awhile

and never really go to visit anyone lately...

Really sorry from the bottom of my heart.

See everyone again when I am feeling better.

Just want to let everyone know that...

Ann love and miss every one so much.

See everyone soon.


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