The Paris Baguette

I bought a green tea fresh cream short cake, a green tea cream cheese bun, and a chinese pancake bread from the Paris Baguette couple days ago. Paris Baguette is a franchise bakery café from Korea that operates many franchise stores in 3 different countries.

I really really like the green tea short cake from the Baguette, WHY? Unlike green tea cakes from other stores, the cake at the Baguette has a bitter taste of green tea in it…a real green tea flavor I mean…Yes, I mean bitter, but also sweet at the same time. The cake has a perfect harmony between the East (green tea flavor) and the West (milk, cream and butter taste). To me, when I drink a cup of green tea, I want to savor the real tea taste. I guess this is the reason why I love the cake here.

I am not a fan of the green tea cream cheese bun. However, I like the chinese pancake bread so much. Unlike other soft pancake breads that I have had before, the bread here is very chewy and it is very fun to chew it in your mouth. The bread is also not too sweet. Umm, yummy. >0<

Now, the baguette has become one of my favorite bakery cafés.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog... ^^


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