Today without any reasons, I suddenly feel so blue. May be it is a reason, but I just do not want to find out…I guess because within a year I need to go back home…to my country…to the place I used to think I was always belonged…


I guess deep inside I am scare of so many things. I have not been back home at least 4 years. Even though I went back once in awhile, each time (I went back) I was staying for only a month. I do not know if I would be able to blend myself to a new culture…to people in my own country. I may not think much if those people are not people from my own family. I was completely changed after eight years of staying abroad. I do not know if I could live the way I was…when I was younger. I do not know if I could be a filial daughter like before. I just do not want to disappoint my parents.

Daddy… Mommy…

Are you going to be disappointed if I reject to do something you want me to do? Will you be able to accept me just the way I am? Will you be able to forgive me if I cannot follow the plan that you have for me? Will you let me do things as I wish?

Even though I may not be able to follow your orders…I am still your daughter…your daughter…


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