2009-12-01 My friends took me out for my birthday
We just went to Hinlay's curry restaurant last week. This week we went there again, my friends Ruth & Bill and Carol took me out... of course, Paul went there also.

So nice of them... to make my birthday mean something. (I normally do not celebate my birthday)

Paul is busy with his fooddddd

The food smells so good and I'm too slow to take a photo before it's gone ha..ha..

Really really nice photo of K'Ruth & K'Bill

K'Carol & me.

Blowing out the candle I like this photo!!

Mr.Pongsak & Mrs.Praneet the owner of the restaurant cuts the carrot cake for me.

Cake time!!!

I can't believe... I'm 35 now, I better start saving money for a face lift!!!

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Nop, it all looks delicious! Happy birthday to you! You won't need a face lift until you're 70, and by then no one will care. ;-)
โดย: Don IP: วันที่: 3 ธันวาคม 2552 เวลา:0:32:10 น.
Thank you very biggggg I'm not sure I want to live that long.
โดย: Nop (annopwichai ) วันที่: 3 ธันวาคม 2552 เวลา:17:21:08 น.
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