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Quarter Century

L'Arc〜en〜Ciel became 25 years old.

We aren't active so much,
but a quarter of a century has passed.

We received many congratulations.

Time has passed that much since we were in Osaka and formed the band.

Feels like long time………

It was long, wasn't it.

Though I dreamed of success as it was
in those days, I've never imagined the band which is loved by everybody.

I intended to become a more unglamorous
existence. (laugh)

If It was not L'Arc,
even it might not exist.

I only thought that it was evaluated if I made good songs and kept on doing it.

Even if I believed it was a good song,
it would be like the level of ”a small fish in a big pond”,

because I wouldn't be able to eat by doing music,
maybe I would give up and would have a job in mizu shoubai(*1 water business)?

around Shinsaibashi (in Osaka).

While sometimes doing a live or something low-key as an amateur

If I was in the life,
with sidelong glances at GLAY or LUNA SEA, I would buy their CDs, and maybe would sing (their songs) in karaoke?


(imagine it for a while………)



Maybe while I would be working in Osaka,
I was on good terms with local friends, so I thought that we would have got together.

Maybe got together for drinking, and would laugh at silly things………

I wonder do they still go camping?

I was camping all the time in my boyhood.

Better say correctly ”sleep outside at night every day” than ”camping” (laugh)

I had no idea to buy a tent.

I had a sleeping bag.

(I was in) a sleeping bag under a night sky,

since I was in 6th grade(*2)

When I was sleeping out with a friend,
we were mistaken as runaway boys by the police, they gave us ride in a police car,
and we were almost taken into protective custody by them.

But when they understood what we said, they said,
”OK, be careful” (laugh)

Is it all right with that even now? (laugh)

If it's now, we would be forced to go home.

My old friend who still goes to a camp puts photos of a his tent along the river and surrounded by the fire, on his blog,
I think I'm envious when I see it.

The upper reaches of Wakayama are really beautiful,
though I didn't know that while living there………

If I live in Osaka just as it was,
I'd go there. (laugh)

When I shot the TV on location at the town
in Osaka where I used to live before,
I looked for the company which I worked part-time, but it was not there.

I made a handbill or the first logo of L'Arc
during work in secret, so I'd like to
apologize to them.

The company made a belt and gloves and wholesaled them in a department store.

I entered the job for packing, but had designed it when I noticed. (laugh)

Sometimes I went to Takashimaya department store at Namba for delivering belts, and went to Daimaru department store at Shijo Karasumaru in Kyoto.

It was fun to go out though while working.

I wonder are the people from that time alright?

By the way, first members of L'Arc came to Yumeshima, I was surprised.

hiro-kun and pero-chan.

(In the Wikipedia, I was to join pero-chan's band, Kiddy Bombs, but I'd never been there) (laugh)

Because I'd never kept in touch with them.

I've heard their information of degree as a rumor sometimes,

but they appeared suddenly. (laugh)

Time had passed, even though they grew older, I felt that their atmosphere had not changed.

So have I?

We separated from each other, but members in those days were stylish, and progressive,
they were the man who I was longing for.

I imitated them often.

Feeling nostalgic.

And came to Tokyo afterward; and passed around 23 years?

Though I had not come (to Tokyo) if I did not do L'Arc, when I came here, I was excited for the new life very much.

Everything was fresh, and there were a lot of slopes. (laugh)
I thought that the town fit me.

I was purely happy to be able to eat with music,

I didn't feel uncomfortable even if I had no holidays.

I didn't get enough money at that time,
but I had not used it so much, so
I was happy that money was saved increasingly. (laugh)

I don't know how much money I have now, and I'm not interested in it so much.

L'Arc〜en〜Ciel had a lot of experiences
that an ordinary person could not do afterward.

It was the thing which everybody knew or
didn't know, the thing which everybody forgot or didn't forget.

Each event which has made us feel mind boggling is building up one by one,

It was over a quarter of century.

How many bands were able to keep up with the times?

In the end, maybe the balance of the member is good?

If it isn't so, it's strange to continue like this.


There are many problems though


If I am asked ”if you come back once again, would you start your life the same way?”
it is absolutely NO.

It does not mean because it's hard, or it was not fun, I cannot trace it anymore in this long time.

It would mean that once is enough for
the adventure to stake your life.

I have almost collapsed many times, and have intended to leave the band,

but it is the band which is important to me.

And I was able to hold myself back somehow because there were a large number of fans who supported us.

There is long history, it's mind-boggling,

that's why L'Arc continues living in the heart of each listener throughout the ages.

There is a drama that drew with L'Arc which I don't know, in each heart,
when our music is playing, you remember that time,

or you are supported by that, and makes you smile, or makes you heal,
and you are living from now on.

That is the best delight as a musician.

I am really thankful.

I am sorry that we can't announce anything when we will celebrate the 25th L'Anniversary,

I am glad if you could wait for us patiently until all gears will be engaged.

(*1) mizu shoubai [water business]
the hospitality industry supplying liquor.
Hostess for male customer, host for female customer,
employee and manager of a bar or club are included, too.
It means a business that is erratic and is in a socially unstable state like water.

(*2) The most upper grades of the elementary school, around 12 years old.

Translation: Yoko Fuji, Marybeth Griffin

#larcenciel #hyde #25th


Thanks L'Arc~en~Ciel America for translation >__<

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