I am falling;
I am living without being.
I breathe in and breathe out.
I walk, I talk, I smile and I cry.
But everything loses its meaning,
Without you by my side.

I always wonder,
How would you fill the empty space beside me?
I cannot help, but ponder,
What kind of world you would make me see?

Will black and white change to all shade of rainbow?
Will pink be the colour of winter snow?
Will there always be millions stars in the night sky?
Will you kiss away my tears when I cry?
Will songbirds sing under the summer rain?
Will I never feel the cold in my heart ever again?

Are you also falling?
Are you searching and waiting…
For me to fill the empty space beside you,
For me to change your whole world too?

One day, I know I will be able to let you know,
Just how much I always need you so.

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