The man on the moon

Ive always been
trying to live my life without regret.
But somehow,
if I was given a wish,
there were some events I might reset;
Maybe, one of those was
the story of you and I.

If love was blind,
without love was emptiness.
I was lost,
I was afraid.
My life was a total mess.
You were with me;
I saw you, but I couldnt feel your heart.

We were so young, we were just friends.
We were too close, our feelings changed.

I didnt know what it was.
We crossed the line.
Something special was torn apart.
I felt agony pain in my heart.

But, there was no beginning.
So, there was no end.

The story of you and I
You were living your life and chasing your dreams.
I was living my life and forgetting you.

However, deep in my memories,
all those fingerprints remain.
your smiles, your embraces and your kisses
resurface again.

Now, for no good reason,
Im thinking of you, the man to be on the moon.
I cant help wondering
if we didnt say good-bye then,
what would be happening right now?
Would you still be going to the moon?

I know
Life is a test.
Everything happens for the best.

I smile when I picture you on the moon.
Thats you that I used to know.

Just a small thought crosses my mind;
Would you carry our kisses to the moon?

A secret...
Under the pale moonlight,
I'm missing you tonight... I have never missed you before.


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