Somewhere between my life and my dream...

It was time to wake up, so I woke up;
But I'm still holding on to a thread,
that would leads me back to my dream.

I keep it very close to my heart,
So I will not forget how wonderful and sweet it has been,
To be far away from all madness that makes me want to scream.

But the thread is getting thinner with each second;
I don't know how long more I can hold it for.
Slowly but surely, It'll start to slip away.

There're truths in life and lies in dream;
No matter how I yearn for them to become one,
They drift apart from one another, day by day.

Somewhere between my life and my dream, I'm living;
Even though I'm not sure where I'm going.
Maybe the answer is out there...
Somewhere under the clouds but over the rainbow...

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