I just closed my eyes;
Suddenly emptiness came…
And washed over me,
Like waves that washed over the shore;
It remined me of loneliness once more.

My soul drifted between space and time.
People’d come and gone;
What they’d left without knowing or concerning much…
Were these fingerprints; some were deep, some were shallow.
And some trails that I couldn’t follow.

Therefore I watched from a distance,
As far as the sky from the sea.
They had the same colour, but wouldn’t meet and blend.
No matter how blurry the line, there was still a line;
Just like those hearts and mine.

My ears heard music from the radio,
Loud and clear with strings of words;
But all those words lost their meanings,
When they reached my ears;
They transferred to strings of tears.

I sat down to write a sad poem and hum a sad tune,
To wash away this emptiness;
I was so sure that sadness was better than emptiness,
Because something was always better than nothing.
If there was some feeling, it’d be better than no feeling…at all.

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Emptiness also builds a home in me,
Inside my body where hollows have bred.
Dacaying my soul is melancholy,
It eats away every connecting thread.

Love your poem kha.
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