Dental Insurance - Unnecessary Dental Procedures
Dental Insurance - Unnecessary Dental Procedures

Is there a new trend in dentistry to a higher incidence of dental fraud? According to the Surgeon General's report on oral health in the past year, a century ago, most Americans lost their teeth in middle age. Today, however, we can expect widespread fluoridation and most middle-aged Americans to keep their own teeth for the rest of their lives. I am 48 and I know that is exactly what one of my dentist told me. Also, unlike when I was a kid, most kids today are virtually noCavities.

As dentists, fewer holes to fill, they have increased in other ways to find their income. According to Dr. Marv Zatz, New Jersey, a dentist, the dental insurance as a consultant for Towers Perris, health and welfare consulting work have retired "dentist their whole paradigm changed. Today, much of what they do is elective, including tooth whitening , braces for adults and replacing dark fillings with white ones. "

There are reports thatSome dentists say their patients have the old amalgam fillings replaced, although it is a practice that the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research is not recommended. What makes matters even worse, according to industry sources Dentists Dental fewer national guidelines for specific practices have. In addition, dentists are more likely to work alone, so it is less professional scrutiny. These factors give dentists an increased opportunity to undulyPatients.

In addition, there are many gray areas in dentistry. My son is a dentist, he recommended had his wisdom teeth out, when my son was 17. Americans spend 2 billion U.S. dollars per year on wisdom tooth extraction and it is the main source of income for oral surgeons. Many dentists should advise adolescents done to prevent cysts or infections. Also they say that young people heal faster.

Actually, there is no conclusive evidence of a long-term benefits for the routine removal of wisdom teeth, which are not problematic.Currently the most recent recommendation of the Government is age 22 for wisdom teeth extraction. Also the advice is questionable, given the results of a study published in 1990 in the International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care. The article suggested that "instead of routinely attract healthy wisdom teeth, it could make both in terms of economic costs and disability more sense , only the teeth that are affected and extract clear problems. "My husband has all his wisdomTeeth and other than a cavity, he has had no problems.

Not all dentists are in it just for the money, but a few. My advice is if you or a family member has an expensive dental treatment, seek a second opinion. Also choose your dentist carefully.

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