- `๏’ - Lake of the Ozarks Trip Part the day we left St.Louis - `๏’ -

อัพย้อนไปวันแรกของการเดินทางค่ะ ใช้วันที่ย้อนหลังนะคะ พอดีรูปอยู่ในกล้องเล็กน่ะค่ะ พยายามจะอัพให้หมด ไม่งั้นถ้าไม่อัพก็คือไม่ได้อัพค่ะ เสียดาย

We left our house around noon. We didnt go to target because we were in such a hurry.

It was car acident on the ride side of the road.

Jaden was finally sleeping cos it's his nap time ^^

We stopped at Cracker Barell.

Mommy got fried chicken liver but forgot to take picture. Daddy had peach pancake.

Mommy got Jaden a toy to keep you busy, but you didnt play that long. Jaden threw up beacuse the road like a mountain, left and right , up and down. It made your tummy sick. We had to stop and cleaned you up.

Mommy took pictures the view on the way we got close to the lake.

Mommy took you guys for a walk. You can read part 1 and 2 to continue ^^

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