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มีนาคม 2552
22 มีนาคม 2552
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Pai Trip

Me and all my friends KU63,KU64 went to Pai on father's day.

Goshhhhhhhh people everywhere but it's so great to take a trip with them.

I knew that I'm not really have time to spend or hang out with my friends cuz I'm hardly in Thailand but every times when I go back to Thailand I never forget to get drunk and hang out with such a great friends like them.

( hopefully they not reading this blog cuz i gonna be so embarrassed )

I posted some of the pics from this trip on my Facebook guess what everyone wondering if I'm really 24 cuz they think I'm sooooooo tingtong !!!


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I really love the last one ka really cute thing and I've been there before with my bf. He loves there and then when he back to usa.he tells everyone visit Pai ka.


โดย: Aor (loveTRAVEL1977 ) 26 กันยายน 2552 18:06:58 น.  

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