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Collection, Water Sport: Jetski & JetBoat

Collection, Water Sport: Jetski & JetBoat

We'd like to get the jetski or jetboat as ones.
We finding the info. for consideration.

This is the ones that got to Know,

How to Buy a Jet Ski
Source: - //www.eHow.com

Riding a jet ski is a fun, thrilling way to spend time on the water. However, buying a jet ski can be overwhelming and confusing. There are many different manufacturers, models and options available today. Use the information below to learn how to buy a jet ski.


• 1 Determine your budget. Because purchasing a jet ski can very quickly become a substantial expense, it's very important that you identify your limit and stick to it. New, high-quality personal watercrafts can cost anywhere from $6,000 to $15,000.

• 2 Decide what size of watercraft will work best for you. Some jet skis are designed to comfortably fit up to four riders at a time, while others are made with only one rider in mind.

• 3 Think about how much power and acceleration you want before you buy. If you're planning on towing any water tubers or wake boarders with the watercraft, you'll definitely need a model with higher horsepower. If children or inexperienced riders will be using the jet ski, you may want to choose a model with slower acceleration and a lower top speed.

• 4 Choose your extras. Many jet skis come with a variety of options and accessories. Some feature storage compartments and coolers under the seat while others have rearview mirrors.

• 5 Make a list of all the features your new jet ski must have. Distinguish between features that are necessary and those which would be nice, but aren't required. Take the list with you when you go shopping and use it to narrow down your choices.

• 6 Consider buying a used jet ski, especially if money is an issue or you're new to the sport of jet skiing. Be sure to ask the seller for an estimate of how many hours the jet ski has been used and have a mechanic do a complete check before you buy. Remember, a used model won't come with a warranty.

• 7 Remember to buy a trailer for your new jet ski, too.

For more info./reference:

- //www.JetSki.com

- //www.JetSkiThailand.com

- //www.YachtTecThailand.com

- //www.HippoJet.com

- //www.Jetski-Modify.com

How To Choose Jet Ski Goggles
Source: - //www.mademan.com
Posted on: Sep. 05, 2010
By: Christopher Dixon, Break Studios Contributing Writer

Before hopping on your new jet ski, you must first learn how to how to choose jet ski goggles, and then make that essential purchase. The jet ski is clearly the leading water toy these days. The device is pretty popular and every serious water sport enthusiast wants one or has one.

1. Decide what type of protection you want. This is a major factor that largely depends on personal preference. Some goggles have polarizing lenses, which bear the same characteristics as a pair of sunglasses. Jet skiing involves high speeds and wind blasts, so your goggles should fit securely to your head and be able to float.

2. Refine your choices to a short list of goggles. This grouping should be less than 6 models of choice. Too many goggles on your refined list can cause confusion. These should consider features that vary amongst the goggles that are different. No feature is obviously more important than fit.

3. Go down to a local store and try on goggles from your short list. Some products you may wish to buy online, but products that require ad hoc fit to the body shouldn’t be one of them.

4. Select your goggles at the shop. It makes sense to purchase your goggles at the store once you make your selection. This allows you to maximize features, fit and use.

This is a winning formula for picking your set of jet ski goggles. Good water sport goggles fit securely, float and are waterproof. They should also reduce glare, offering maximum protection for a safe and enjoyable jet ski ride.


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