Live everyday as if it is your last The best and the most beautiful thing in the world it cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt by your heart
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The story of us_part 1

All the time we had together was the great time for me. First time we met in the class you were starring at me like a weird one and I dont like that look, you make me scare. Then we became friend you made me surprise when you asked me carry your bag to class because we havent know each other that. Then in the same day we talked a lot in class until Jag scolded at us huhu could you remember that how could I remember all these detail about us since the first day thats the start of our relationship.

On the first Friday I was surprising you by asking all of you where you go and I invited myself to go to cinema with you, you know what that day I really pissed of Solomon because he promised me to take me to the restaurant but suddenly he had another business that was why I was with you. That day you took me all around KL started from cinema in KLCC it was Japanese scary funniest movie I ever seen, then we were going to China town with James and Vinh but we separated in two groups first one are you and me and the second are the rest are them. After we were window shopping a lot finally we get our DVD and we followed Vihn to Time square. for a bit we stayed there till night then get back home, I was so tired but really happy Thanks for that. The next day you asked me out to KLCC I wasnt quite sure so I asked my neighbor to get there with me.

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