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The story of us_part 2

I still remember our first movie on tht day it was Japanese movie which me & James would like to watch it but you and the other aren't anyway you wanna tr a new one so we did it. Eventhough I choose it myself but this movies wasn't like what they promote not scary at all just only the scissor and the killer always kick the victim after finish the movie you were really disappointed about this one and also me too lol but it's our first start.

We had been to the cinema very often I think almost every week but I couldn't remember it all uhmm 
       "Kangfu panda"  such a nice cartoon movie makes us laugh when we get back during the way you were really nice and tht day many peoples said we are like a nice couple with fantastic dress.
       "Happenning" I think it's indy movie so we couldn't understand it tht much all I remember only it was late movies , so cold in the cinema with few peoples inside then you walked me back home together.
       "Iron man" A superhero movies about super rich&sart guy face a problem then he realize tht what's good is to helping people.
       "Batman" superhero movies the last one before we apart

I'm also wanna know tht do you remember this like me

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