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Just the day passing by

A new day has come !!

I know it's always like this but sometime it's too hard to do to make up my mind not to thinking about you. I'm just an ordinary women whom in love and lost it, tht's it. Maybe I can't say I lost it coz we haven't had say it after we decided to get back just friend but our relationship has groom up much more by that day which I don't know why.

Many people said tht so wonder how could we still get in touch till these day coz they though that we would be just totally separated, we are so far from each other can't going out like we were. From what I said when we were together we spending time together everyday since the morning till night so after apart we couldn't do like that again it should be dissolve our feeling to be stable but it won't.

I'm expessing it here to release my feeling coz I think at least I speak to someone and I don't have to keep it alone myself.

Thanks everyone for listening..

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Just an ordinary women who live without lie,
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