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กุมภาพันธ์ 2552
19 กุมภาพันธ์ 2552
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Even if it seems to be so far but you are here on my heart

Why my life is gonna be like this?
Why god take you so far from me?
Why us cant be together?
Why you never be there for me?
Why am I still missing you?

My life turns to be like this again, you're coming back when I'm trying to stay my heart constantly about you but you're coming back like the time we were.

Always asking me that am I missing you? Why do you have to ask this you know the answer by the way that I couldn't take my heart back from you.

You said you never forget our last day there that we spend together since the morning until night, from the condo walking through many street then our dining at Thai restaurant which you said so delicious then walk back to my condo, we've got so many thin to said but we couldn't. You asked me to promise that I'm gonna take a good care of my self, my reputation and keep study hard before I go back. I decided to walk you to the sky train cause I know myself it was the last day between us. You were calling me after I turn back and hug me for the last time. You see I can remember it all and I don't think you can remember all detail like I did. I was walking back home with all tears from my eyes. I've never been like this before it was so crazy.

The last word I heard from you was "I love you" before that plane take you from me. I don't know which one is right. We don't love each other enough or you don't love me enough to fight for us.

What I want now just only wanna see you once again and ask you that what happened between us? and what are you calling our relationship? Just only best friend?

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so sad but understand you felling now

maybe time to help you better

hope you feel better soon

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