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What would you like in this summer?

Wanna lie down on the beach and get tan? Wanna go shopping? Or else

You could find out it all in Thailand

Whatever you have heard before about Thailand just forgets it and opens your mind to see and get the paradise experiences of the world. Just pack your stuff then step out of your home.

Sawasdee means hello its the word to say to everyone to share our welcome in Thailand.

Thailand is one country state in South East Asia , it is border to Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia and of course with the Andaman sea. The capital and the largest city name Bangkok or also called Krungthep which means The city of Angle one of the most dynamic and colorful city.


Accommodation: its easily to find from the five star luxury hotels in the city to Backpacker Street and its all up to you what kind of places would you like

·        Hotel: They provide you with various classes from 5 stars to normal one and with various kind of tradition depend on region you are in Thailand and also many style too.

·        Resort: Lets start with central Thai ancient style the right place welcoming you to enjoy either your private or family fabulous relaxation as we provide you a perfect living in Bangkok. And ready to show you its simplicity of origins, which is the best reflection of Thai society. Next find out the best simplicity Northern style feel that everything will slow down with your life. For the southern style you will see so colorful life and the resort hotel will stay nearby the beach feel and touch with supreme nature.

·        Guest house: the cheap one to find if its in Bangkok the well known Backpacker street is Khaosan Road you would find many guest house to stay in and meet new friends from all over the world. For other province also not to hard to find it too.

Food: Its easily to find food in Thailand because it has in every corner if in BKK you can go to Thai China town find out many kinds of food here and also like this in the big city.  Whats the greatest you wouldnt have missed? First of all Tom Yum Kung the well known soup which spread out all around the world so if you come here so taste the original one but to warn you if you dont like spicy please tell them first. Secondly Pad Thai its one kind of noodles but special way to cook its got all taste to be delicious and I think everyone would love it. Last but not least Thai fruits or Thailand has got various kinds of fruit especially during summer which so fantastic you can eat all the passion fruit as much as you like such as banana, watermelon, orange and so on. Thai foods are so good for your health because it made from herb in every meal.

Shopping: One of the most interesting things in Thailand you can shopping in high class shopping mall or go out and walk through the stall with have many places for you to go and have fun. For suggestion Jatujakr  where have over thousand stall for you to shopping from head to toe everything will be find out there and also this place you can find special souvenir to get back home too. Next best one Bhuddha bridge a night stalls nearby the river could you imagine the scenario shopping nearby the Chaophraya river and when you get hungry there are many thing to fill up your stomach but if you are not hungry that much suggest you to try squid eggs friend with sausage uhmm you will love it. These are not for all where to shopping just the sample only.  You can even choose to spend dinner in Chaophraya river cruise along the river with good sound of music.

Festivals & Events: There is many of it during this summer. The most well known on summer would be Songkran day or Thai New Year which we splash the water to each other for fun and one benefit of it its to decrease to degree which will go to the top in that day. In the old time we do celebrates our own in house and neighborhood also in the temple too then go to ask blessing from peoples whom you respects.

Places: ----

  • Culture: In Bangkok also show you cultural life feel the old time sweet. Start with Koh Ratanakosin to hang around and walk through the street. Tourist may start from the royal palace and the royal temple which the architech affected by India and Khmer in 12nd  century so beautiful in shiny day. Then take a motor boat to get along Chaophrayas river then come back to have a wonderful meal waiting for sunset and start to be night walker again at this point you might have found some ancient railroad drive through the night to take you watch all koh Ratanakosin with fabulous night colorful light. Dont forget to buy some postcard here to remind you that you have been here once.

  • Beaches: Of course within these hot season where would be the best place to go The sea Everybody would love it. start from Pattaya, a small city which never goes to sleep with beautiful beaches, foods, shopping and of course the show from lady boys. Then get down to the south to Chumbhorn, Phuket, Pangna and Surath which all of these could be separated in many island, beautiful like heavens. Watching sunrise and sunset together with you love, how romantic it is. Lie down on the beach feel the touch of relaxation, feel more the natural life.

  • Adventure:

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