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I think there should be no homework because I want people to have more time to substantiate their imagination. Because imagination can be very useful other than knowledge. Imagination mixed with knowledge can lead to much success.
There are the good imagination improving things that you could do instead of homework. For example reading because it gives you ideas and a glimpse into another person’s imagination. And it also teaches you to look around and sources of imagination that you like.

Computer is also a very knowledgeable thing if you don’t waste you time on it and find the good part that it holds. Like internet has many good knowledge available to you. Computer games that test the skill of knowledge, imagination, creativity or others can be very useful games.

TV can help kids know and understand better English. Cartoons can increase you sense of humor and can make your world more interactive. TV shows can give you lots of knowledge that can bring you deeper to the understanding of the universe and how it works or the laws of physics.

Now another thing is writing journal because it is like a test to show and bring your invisible imagination to the existence of words. It can give an ability to build a world that does not exist but is a world in your imagination.

Well, another reason is that children need free time to play after the long time they were struggling (sometimes this phenomenon may happen) at school. It is play time or time to have a rest. They could watch TV, play computer, play with toys that would be lots of fun. Anyway children xxx if got so much homework would be tormented to death.

So I have shown that homework can be a waste of time instead of practice. I even wonder why there should be homework to exist. An angry mob could be formed if too much homework come to exist in the world.

The End

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