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On a cloudy night a farmer named John made a wish to a comet in the sky. Oh wishing comet, my jobs be lighter. Said the farmer. He soon went to sleep. The comet as a football crashed into the windmill at midnight and exploded spitting out many green sparks.
In the morning the farmer woke up and went to milk the cows. But when he got there, he saw a dog crying out, Moo, moo! Funny, I dont want dogs milk. Said the farmer.
As he walked back to the house he saw chickens rebuilding the windmill. A horse was digging a hole with a bone in his mouth. The farmer was confused and he went into his house to have dinner. He then drove his truck to the field and saw a duck harvesting the crops. What is going on in my farm? he asked himself.
He soon saw the cow wearing a hat and he followed it. It went to the barn and milked the
dog. He looked out of the barn and saw a pig driving a truck full of produce out of the farm to sell in the town. Hey, now I dont have to do anything. I better just enjoy myself. Soon he was sitting under an umbrella by the lake drinking lemonade. Suddenly all the animals gathered in front of him and some of them had guns. Whats wrong? asked the farmer. We can do all the work, we dont need you anymore. Said one of the chickens. Farmer John quickly ran into the barn and the animals shot their guns many times. Finally, the animals rammed the door and broke in. The farmer suddenly farted and all the animals fainted. After 10 seconds the animals woke up being themselves again, and every thing went back to normal.

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