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SEA QUEST - Chapter 15 - 16

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Chapter 15

As we all probably already know, Atlantis was first mentioned and described by the Greek philosopher Plato in his books Timeaus and Criteaus. Said Gordon, The hi-tech civilization that we see today in movies are actually just things people add later, mostly from the 19th century book Atlantis the Antediluvian world.

Gordon used his remote control to change pictures. Now the screen showed geological maps of Antarctica.

In Platos description of Atlantis, he wrote that Atlantis was a high land above the seas, and even more surprising, it was mentioned that Antarctica is the highest continent on the planet at 6500 feet. The other clues that led us here were those ancient words and dots on the Piri Reis map. The geographical precision was so perfect that the map led us here like a treasure map. You may see that the land around Antarctica is covered by miles of ice caps, so five hundred years ago it was virtually impossible to produce a map of the coastline by sight. Geologists have found that the last time the coastline of Antarctica could actually be seen was eight thousand five hundred years ago. This leads to the conclusion that the details of Antarctica must have been created at least eight thousand five hundred years ago and later incorporated into the Piri Reis map.

This time Gordon changed to a climate map of Antarctica. It showed each years average snowfall on the continent.

The dark purple means a lot of snowfall, and the green means less snowfall. Now, as you can see that the western part of Antarctica, where we are now has a much higher rate of snowfall than that of eastern or greater Antarctica. However, apparently eastern Antarctica ice caps are miles thicker than western Antarctica. This geographical structure causes Kalabatic wind or another word gravity driven wind when cold air falls through the mountain ranges dividing eastern and western Antarctica. Now you should probably already know the odd thing about the climate.

Thick ice caps, very little snowfall? an archeologist suggested.

Weve got a winner, Gordon continued, western Antarctica has thin ice caps and large percentages of snowfall while eastern Antarctica has thick ice caps and very little snowfall. If a special theory I have researched on is added, all of the pieces in this whole puzzle will fit perfectly.

You found out how Atlantis was destroyed? Brian asked excitedly.


And I believe the theory youre talking about is the displacement of the earths crust. Said a female archeologist.

Correct, Gordon answered, a brilliantly thought out theory by Dr. Charles Hapgood sixty years ago. There are many names, Pole shifting, Polar Wandering, call it whatever you like. This theory states that the earths crust, without concerning tectonic plates can move around the mantel like the skin of an orange. It was stated that the complete shifting of the earths crust causes the changes in the earths magnetic north and South Pole.

Now imagine this, originally the South Pole was somewhere a thousand or more miles north of the Antarctic shore geographically opposite to where we are now. If the South Pole was farther north, so is the Antarctic Circle. Ten, twenty thousand years ago the North Pole was in Canada, which would locate the South Pole far off the continent of Antarctica, in the Indian Ocean closer to Australia. The proof is, if Eastern Antarctica had once been inside the ancient Antarctic Circle and Western Antarctica where we are had not, this would explain why Eastern Antarctica has thicker ice caps but less snowfall than Western Antarctica. If Western Antarctica was not in the Antarctic Circle 20,000 years ago, it would have been warmer, and less ice would collect here. All this means that tens of thousands of years ago Western Antarctica had been a relatively warm place, possibly as warm as Argentina and definitely warm enough for human habitation and building a city like Atlantis.

However this also explains how Atlantis, in a figure of speech sunk into the sea. The process of crust displacement probably took thousands of years, causing the old South Pole to melt. Thus flooding Atlantis and entirely freezing the civilization annihilating it from history. Any questions?

Yes, said Brian, how does this theory work?
Albert Einstein once relished that the theory is highly probable basing it on the laws of physics. The theory works by relying on the fact that there is a different amount of frozen ice in the North and South Pole. In so saying that this difference in mass causes the earths crust to move or displace its mass. Leading to new locations of the two poles and causing instability in mass building up until the crust eventually moves again. Gordon explained.

But isnt the ice age an important factor, North America was frozen in the ice age? Brian asked.
Thats a common misconception which prevents people from truly understanding the theory. What we call the ice age was actually only the Wisconsin Glaciation. Gordon answered, The last ice age lasted two hundred thousand years. Ice Ages are caused by significant changes in the earths orbit around the sun, they usually last millions of years. By most definitions, we are still in an Ice Age because there are still thick ice caps in Greenland and on the outer coasts of Antarctica. Most people dont realize that because were experiencing a period of relative warmth, in two thousand years the earths temperature will drop again.

Brian did not understand half of the theory Gordon said, but by summing everything up, he understood the outline of the hypothesis. It was what he usually had to do when he had to edit articles that were written like diaries.

Thats pretty much all I have to say for now. Gordon finished.

Suddenly, from outside there came an enormous thundering noise lasting a few seconds. The room they were standing in started to rumble, and then passage tubes connecting the room to the main building broke down and collapsed.

Something was wrong, very wrong.

Chapter 16

After exiting the elevator on the 8th floor, K10 was starting to get suspicious of the men who were following him. They looked just like normal executives that may be gathering for a meeting in some hotel room. Yet there was something in their eyes that made K10 suspicious, they were stern, unmoving, like they were bent on doing something very important.

K10 himself has been trained to keep his eyes leveled with the situation. Thus, he can blend into any disguise or location, how matter difficult.
As he approached the hotel room, two men went to another room further down the hallway. Using the janitors key given by another DINA operative he unlocked the door and got into the room. Inside, there was a man in his forties with glasses on. He was working on a Macintosh, typing extremely fast.
Then behind K10, one of the men who followed him shut the door and used a key to lock the door from the outside. Without hesitating, he continued by taking out a chain with two long metal pikes attached. The man used a hammer to nail one pike on the door and another pike into the wall beside it.
K10 was now trapped inside the room with the scientist.

Give me the CD you people took from Dr Ceclaro now! The assassin yelled to the scientist.

You assassins think you can get anything you want, if you kill me you kill yourself. The scientist desperately replied.

I have the advantage, K10 scowled as he lifted his gun up and aimed it at the scientists stomach.

I thought assassins were trained to observe, look around me.

K10 glanced at the desk behind the scientist. There were wires linking from the legs of the office chair to the desk, as well as pressure sensors beneath the chair and at the back. The scientist was sitting on a huge bomb, if K10 shot him, one movement would incinerate everything in the room.

I think you understand my point, said the scientist, if you help me as well as help yourself get off this bomb, I will give you the CD.

I will find the disk myself.

This is a huge room, and look over my left shoulder.

K10 saw it; on the desk was an electric timer. The digital clock now registered 3 minutes and 15 seconds. By normal protocol, he would leave the hostage and escape. However, in this mission the very objective of the mission would be destroyed with the hostage.

He decided to help the hostage.

You should get to it, said the scientist.

Stay still. The assassin replied.

He knew the procedure was very delicate, similar to disabling wired landmines. Fortunately, he was trained for just that.

These wires could not be cut with scissors or knives, the force needed to sever the wires would create too much movement. K10 knew the bomb included a spinner device that will pull in the wires if they get severed.

I dont have a de-mining kit; give me something that can squeeze. said K10 hurriedly.

I cant get off the chair, remember?

K10 looked at the red numbers. 2 minutes 46 seconds, time is going fast, he thought.

Then he remembered, in his pocket he had two electric tweezers for picking up dangerous of delicate things. He quickly took it out and placed them over one of the wires a few inches apart. After pressing the squeeze buttons at the same time, the tweezers began to close until it tightly held the wires.

First step finished, he thought. K10 now took out a small pair of sharp scissors. With deadly precision, he cut the section of the wire between the electric tweezers. Thus, he repeated the procedure to the other wire and the bomb was disabled.

The assassin looked again at the electric numbers. 1 minute 50 seconds, time was running out. K10 now moved his attention to the weight bomb under the chair; he would have to be very resourceful with this one.

He pulled a doubled hook rope from his jacket and attached a hook to one of the chairs five legs.

Lift your leg, said K10, trying to sound as calm as possible.

He pulled the rope under the scientists legs and tied the chair down. Then, he pulled the rope under another one of the chairs legs and pulled the rope around the chairs spine. After looping around it tightly many times, he attached the hook to the chairs legs.

You can stand up now; rope is tied tight enough to the chair to substitute a mans weight.

Now, how are we going to get out of the room? asked the scientist.

K10 could see the metallic pike nailed into the door the door; it was going to taking some effort to get it off the door.

Find something that can hammer this back, and quick! the assassin shouted.

We only have a minute left,

Just find a hammer!

Its a hotel room; there isnt anything even close to a hammer.

K10 knew he would have to trust a very unreliable method. He raised his pistol and aimed at the wooden door surrounding the pike. After firing the first shot, he realized that he missed and made a hole a few inches from the pike.

Thirty seconds! the scientist yelled.

K10 fired another shot, this time the door gave away and the pike fell off. The assassin kicked the door open, grabbed the scientists sleeves and ran for the elevator.

The elevator? said the scientist with bewildering fear, Theres only twenty seconds, we wont make it.

Oh yes we will, the assassin replied coldly.

Luckily, no one had used this elevator since the time he got to this floor. K10 pressed the down button and the doors slid open.

Go get the CD. Said the assassin.

I dont have it, but I know where it is. The scientist answered.

They got into the elevator, after descending passed the sixth floor the elevator shook with an explosive sound and the lights went off for one second.

K10 knew he got the scientist and came out safely. However, the scientist did not possess the disk so the mission felt like a complete waste of his time.

So, wheres the CD? he asked.

The scientist answered straightly.

K10 was shocked; the name that echoed in the elevator was an impossible

Yet again, anything is possible.

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