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Studio Ghibli or Studio Ghibli, Inc (株式会社スタジオジブリ, Kabushiki-gaisha Sutajio Jiburi) is a famous Japanese animation film studio that can called "Walt Disney in Japanese Version" It was founded in 1985, headed by Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata, his long-time colleague and menter.

Miyazaki's not only the head of the company but he's also an animators and directors, one of the greatest in Japan. Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind's the first successful film of his that led him to the establishment of a new animation studio.

Studio Ghibli's works're in the big number : films, short films, commercials, released-on-DVD-in-Japan OVA and some that's created in cooperation with Studio Ghibli or related. Here're only a list of well-known films.

- Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (風の谷のナウシカ, Kaze no tani no Naushika), 1984
- Laputa: Castle in the Sky (天空の城ラピュタ, Tenkū no Shiro Rapyuta), 1986
- Grave of the Fireflies (火垂るの墓, Hotaru no Haka), 1988
- My Neighbor Totoro (となりのトトロ, Tonari no Totoro), 1988
- Kiki's Delivery Service (魔女の宅急便, Majo no Takkyūbin), 1989
- Only Yesterday (おもひでぽろぽろ, Omohide Poro Poro), 1991
- Porco Rosso (紅の豚, Kurenai no Buta), 1992
- I Can Hear the Sea or The Ocean Waves (海がきこえる, Umi ga Kikoeru), 1003
- Pom Poko (平成狸合戦ぽんぽこ, Heisei Tanuki Gassen Ponpoko), 1994
- Whisper of the Heart (耳をすませば, Mimi o Sumaseba), 1995
- Princess Mononoke (もののけ姫, Mononoke Hime), 1997
- My Neighbors the Yamadas (ホーホケキョとなりの山田くん, Hōhokekyo Tonari no Yamada-kun), 1999
- Spirited Away (千と千尋の神隠し, Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi), 2001
- The Cat Returns (猫の恩返し, Neko no Ongaeshi), 2002
- Howl's Moving Castle (ハウルの動く城, Hauru no Ugoku Shiro), 2004
- Tales from Earthsea (ゲド戦記, Gedo Senki), 2006
- Ponyo on a Cliff (崖の上のポニョ, Gake no Ue no Ponyo), 2008


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Magical Witch Sally

Magical Witch Sally or Mahōtsukai Sari (魔法使いサリー) is the early magical girl animation in Japan. Mitsuteru Yokoyama, who draw the manga in 1966, got a concept an American sitcom: Bewitched. Even Sally's animate was produced by Toei Animation but it related to Studio Ghibli since Hayao Miyazaki was a key animator on this series. The original story is black and white, however, since I'm not old enough so even the first time I watched this story, it wasn't black and white anymore

Sally is a witch princess, Astoria, she's tried to make friends. One day, she comes to the mid-world (the human world) and helps 2 junior high school girls, Yoshiko Hanamura and Sumire Kasugano, from burglars. Sally decides to stay in the mid-world and becomes friends with these girls.

I have to confess I almost forgot this story, even it's one of my favourites, maybe because I didn't seen it for a very long time. I've gotten its OP song recently, I think, anyway, only the song may be not enough for somebody to remember this classic animate so the OP scene may help you... Enjoy!!!


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Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind or Kaze no tani no Naushika (風の谷のナウシカ ) (1984) is based on the same name manga of Hayao Miyazaki, the writer, illustrator and director.

The story takes place 1,000 years after the "Seven Days of Fire," an event which destroyed human civilization and environment. All survirvors're isolated from the others by "Fukai" (the Sea of Decay), a lethally toxic jungle of fungus, giant insects. Nausicaä is a peace-loving but skillful fighter princess of the Valley of the Wind. She can communicate with the insects, Ohmu, a gigantic caterpillar. She frequently explores the Sea of Decay and conducts scientific experiments in an attempt to divine the true nature and origins of the toxic world in which she lives.

One day, while another state, Tolmakia's transporting the Warrior back to their realm, these Tolmakians're attacked by insects and crash-land in the Valley. On that time, Tolmakia's at war with Pejite for The God Warriors, one of biological weapons were used in the ancient war. The day after landing, they invade the Valley to secure and revive the Warrior and forced the peaceful people of the Valley into armed resistance.

I've known the name of Nausicaä's from Nausicaa (Nausicaä or Nausikaa) a daughter of King Alcinous of the Phaeacians and Queen Arete in the ancient Greek literature, Odyssey. the story after Trojan War or Iliad) She's a princess who escortes Odysseus to Ithaca, his home and says "Never forget me, for I gave you life". She finally get married with his son, Telemachus. But part of this Nausicaä's character comes from a Japanese folk hero known as "the princess who loved insects".


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Grave of the Fireflies

Grave of the Fireflies or Hotaru no Haka (火垂るの墓) (Apr 1988) is based on the semi-autobiographic novel by the same name by Akiyuki Nosaka, 1945. Studio Ghibli was hired to produce the animation work, directed by Isao Takahata

Grave of the Fireflieds is a tale of the relationship between two orphaned sibbling, Seita and Setsuko toward the end of World War II. They lose their mother in the firebombing of Kobe, and their father in service to the Imperial Japanese Navy. After their mother passed, they move to their aunt's house but she's cruel to them, giving them just barely enough food, insulting them and selling their mother's kimonos for rice, and does not even give them all of their rice. Seita and Setsuko finally get so fed up, and decide to go live in a old abandoned bomb shelter. Then Seita learns of his father's death and find Setsuko's sick, hallucinates about food and finally dies of starvation.

This film's known in Thai "สุสานหิ่งห้อย" (Su-san hing hoy). As I know, it's on Japanese Foundation theater in every August to remember to the end of World War 2.


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My Neighbor Totoro

My Neighbor Totoro or Tonari no Totoro (となりのトトロ ) (Apr 1988)

When Satsuki and Mei's father has to move to a new house in the outskirt where's closer to the hospital that their mother's. 2 girls find that the house is inhabited by tiny animated dust creatures called makkurokurosuke (soot sprites) that leave the house after they move in.
The daughters have a chance to meet some magicall creature and a kind spirit named Totoro. Started from Mei, the younger daughter, when she playes outside and follow a rabbit-like creature that leads her through a briar patch. There, she meets and befriends with Totoro whom her father tells her he's a keeper of the forest.
Later, Satsuki encounters Totoro while they are waiting for their father's bus. Totoro give them nuts and seeds to reward for the umberlla.
Finally, after some incident between them, the girls're helped to see their mother when they set off and get lost on the way to the hospital.

There's nothing too many in the story except the power of children's imaginations and belief. I don't like any part on the story in personally but I'm so in love with Totoro-chan and the catbus And this's all the reason I love this story.


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